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Table of Contents

PAGE 1..."The Table of Contents" for The GetWellHGrassRoots Victory Wagon

PAGE 2..."Health for The Millions!" was Dr. H.M. Shelton's bold and compassionate cry. In his book of the same title, Dr. Shelton begs this question: "Who is there among us who can go from to town and village to village and proclaim to the sick and their friends "THE GLAD TIDINGS," that at last, among the good things that every man, woman, and child may now enjoy is a rational and natural way of preserving and restoring health?" Victoria and The GetWell Friends strive to put The Victory Wagon on the road to finally answer Dr. Shelton's question. After many years of many setbacks on many levels, The Victory Wagon is waiting... with only 32,000 miles clocked... waiting for when Victoria is ready and funds are forthcoming.

PAGE 3...The GetWell GrassRoots Victory Wagon Is "The Hygiene Joy Voice of America!" The YearBook holds a 42-point definition of "Hygiene Joy." Victoria spent her youth in the 1970s and has put Cat Steven's "Peace Train" tune and lyrics to a joyous use in these 2000s.

PAGE 4... The GetWell GrassRoots Victory Wagon Campaign!

PAGE 5...The History of & The Inspiration for The GetWell GrassRoots Victory Wagon!

PAGE 6...The Wilderness Wagon & The Victory Wagon

PAGE 7..."Accolades for Victoria" A Letter to GetWell Friends from Dr. Vetrano



"What Is The GetWell GrassRoots Victory Wagon?"1