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Wilderness Wagon!

#1 A 1964 Chevrolet Motorhome, baby blue & white, acquired in 1997 from its original owners, now retired grandparents!

#2 Original cost: $1,500 + $3,000 to put on duals and pay mechanics to get it roadworthy + $1,000 for transformation from "Old Blue" to "The Wilderness Wagon!" No mortgage.

#3 Mileage: 100,000 miles.

#4 Houses Victor Bidwell's 1974 Fleetwood Caddy engine and transmission: a 472 cubic inch V-8. Just installed in March of 2000. Gets 10 miles to the gallon. Runs GREAT!

#5 Length: 20 feet. Features the following: a bed space over driver's cab now filled completely with Health Revolution materials; 2 small clothing closets; 1 room for couch that converts to my bed and living room/kitchen; much overhead storage; 2 quite small outside compartments for storage.

#6 Not self-contained and with no utilities: no home generator, no air conditioning, no kitchen stove, no oven, no refrigerator, no desk, no computer, no furnace; no bathroom; no running water for kitchen; but is heated with wood-burning, cast-iron stove and lighted on candles and flashlight batteries. Not practical for serious, long-term living and travel and cannot meet storage needs for Natural Hygiene Contraband.

#7 Presently catches tremendous amount of attention from those passing its path because of its antique vintage and prevailing 4 themes: Wilderness, Health Revolution, Patriotism, and "With God, All Things Are Possible!"

#8 Holds 2 signs of 2' x 3' and one sign of 2' x 4' that tell my 100 pound fat BURN-OFF story and feature the basics of Natural Hygiene, including The 10 "Could You Use MORE ENERGY?" Enhancers sign from which I directly teach.

#9 Serves as an open invitation for inquiries with signs announcing: "FREE FUN & FACTS!"

#10 Will be draped with spectacular spring and summer garlands of greenery and flowers, while stopped at Rest Areas and other perfect places along highways and byways, to give the dramatic, joyful effect of having just made its way out of The Wilderness!

#11 Can be loaded up across hood with saddle bags holding Natural Hygiene Gift Contraband. Kootenay Indian Friend from where I lived in Canada donated an old saddle, now swung on top of front wheel spare tire! The Wilderness Wagon look is akin to the opening scenes of The Beverly Hillbillies Movie! It is a sight to see. People get happy just looking at me driving it. But I have to have a big smile to get them waving and smiling and laughing!

#12. October, 2000: The Wilderness Wagon burned up. The $9,000 in insurance monies went to help finance The Great American Health Revolution until the several 2001 projects take off! God works in mysterious ways!


  The GetWell


Victory Wagon!

#1 A 1990 Overland Motorhome; painted with smiling, waving, winking fruits and veggies, waving American flags, acquired in 1990, "brand new" with me as the original owner.

#2 Original cost: $68,000 on sale from $80,000 + $4,000 in 1992 to put on paint job for transformation from everyday motorhome to "The Victory Wagon!" Presently pay on 2 mortgages, the original loan and a loan taken out to keep GetWell going during especially Tough Times in 1994.

#3 Mileage: 33,000 miles on original engine & transmission. Looks and smells "brand new" inside. Outside looks "brand new" with no flaws, although paint job is faded; and lettering, if not fruits and veggies, could stand touching up.

#4. Houses a , 460 cubic inch, V - 8 cylinder engine and gets 5 miles to the gallon. Runs GREAT!

#5 Length: 34 feet. Features the following: 1 seat for driver and 1 for passenger; living room to comfortably seat 6 people, full kitchen to seat 4 people; full bathroom with shower; bedroom holding single bed, large and small closet, and closet with built-in executive desk, and complete desk-top publishing system. Has a vast amount of outside storage space to hold Health Revolution Contraband and props.

#6 Completely self-contained, loaded with all amenities of a luxury liner, including generator and air-conditioner.

#7 When it has gone "on the road" from Point A to Point B in my travels while overweight, it caught a tremendous amount of attention from those passing its path because of its joyful paint job and prevailing 3 themes: "Victory for God, Health & Country!" A few slogans out of the 60's and 70's would also be appreciated by The Baby Boomers born in the 1940's and who were smitten by the "All You Need Is Love!" movement.

#8. Holds no large sign featuring the basics of Natural Hygiene, as The 10 Energy Enhancers a sign from which I could directly teach and can have made and mounted for $100.

#9. Serves as an invitation for inquiries with its joyful paint job, awesome size, and fun compartment messages!

#10. Washington State just passed a "$30.oo TABS" law, saving GetWell $500! And my insurance agent has agreed to forego commercial insurance for my first year out, meaning I need only $800 for insurance, instead of $2,000 for the commercial insurance rate! The biggest expense, therefore, is now A gas fund. In The Victory Wagon, I will continue to share "The Wild, Revolutionary Message of Natural Hygiene" begun in The Wilderness Wagon. God willing, during these travels and teachings, I will interest at least 1 major bookstore in carrying The Health Seekers' YearBook in their stores Nationwide and be put into the financial leadership position to bless The People and finance many Hygiene Projects for aspiring teachers.


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