Accolades for Victoria

Written to All GetWell Friends · June, 1997

Accolades for Victoria

Written to All GetWell Friends · June, 1997

After re-proofing my article entitled "The Hygienic Edge on Menopause and Youth and Truth!" and seeing with my own eyes, my ponderous article turn into something delightful to read, I have to shout: "PRAISE THE LORD FOR VICTORIA!" I have to re-proof it to see whether or not the technical part of the article was changed by the editing. If not, then it is okay to print. I cannot help but admire the picturesque way Victoria edits. The phrase, "cut through The Medical Mentality with The Sharp Truth" is sheer genius! She has a teaching talent that is unbeatable. I just wanted to let every one of her Fans know what a wonderful editor and person Victoria is.

Like everyone else, Victoria has her problems and eccentricities. But, when problems loom before her, after a few emotional storms, she pushes them aside and dives back in to her Zealous Crusade for Natural Hygiene! After making adjustments to her new situations and restoring her Nerve Energy, she pushes forward to her next goal for Hygiene with an enthusiasm that is rarely seen today, even among young adults or in young children who have no problems at all.

After unsuccessfully trying to find "The Ideal Companion" to help her with all her Hygienic Projects over the years, Victoria has decided to go it all alone to the completion of her 1998 Goals. "Of course, it would have been very nice," she said, "to have 'A Little Hygienic Help'." But instead of this, she is hiring a few local friends once in a while for lesser tasks, thus relieving herself of some menial labor so she can concentrate on that which only she can do.

She is especially concentrating on getting herself in condition so she can go on the road in her wonderful, multi-colored "Wagon"! She is determined and dedicated to getting it going this coming New Year! She has had support from her Friends and her Father and her sister Catherine all along the way. The hearing aides one of you got for her was a revelation! After practically being deaf for many years, she can now hear the sounds of birds, insects, and the wee chirping of crickets! It was truly a miracle to her to be able to hear! She has had the support from her GetWell Friends and has told me many times how appreciative she is for her Cheering Section.

Because of her dedicated and superlative work and because of her magnanimous devotion to Natural Hygiene, I urge all of you to get behind her again and help her get "The Wagon" ready to go on the road by this summer. I think she said it needed a few pieces of equipment and some license and insurance monies before she could take off. She needs your help now. And with it, she will finally achieve God's Assignment for her of getting Hygiene on major television and radio shows and in the newspapers and magazines all over The Continent. This is a worthy goal that we really need to support now. Very few people are willing '"to go out on the limb" and do what she is willing to do. Let us help in every way possible!

Dr. V.V. Vetrano


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