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You can do this. Cross The Border in your mind and emotions. This is the mindset of an athlete in training. If you can just enter into this discomfort and even pain with the enthusiasm and wonderment of a child or with the determination of an athlete in training or with the gratitude of a suffering adult getting up from her deathbed, it will be so much easier and even FUN and EXCITING for you!

Understand the truth: some foods are more nutritious than others, and some foods are more calorie-dense than others. Most have heard for years that "cooking foods destroys nutrition." But few have heard just exactly how much nutrition is destroyed in the cooking process! That is why all the emphasis on eating "LOTS & LOTS MORE RAW FRUITS & VEGGIES," as stated on The Wilderness Wagon.

Learn to relish RAW Fruit & Veggies! No salt, no sugar. Only the salad dressings you make in a blender from fruit and veggies, nuts and seeds. Salt and sugar are addicting. The natural, whole foods these unsalted, sugar-free, low-fat, raw foods are not addicting. You are much less likely to overeat on these foods than on high-salt, high-sugar, fat-riddled, cooked foods from The Standard American Diet.

And nearly most important of all eat only when you experience GENUINE HUNGER! Most people have never experienced "genuine hunger" in their lives! When you are genuinely hungry, even a piece of dry lettuce is eaten with relish! Only when you are genuinely hungry will simple, whole, natural foods satisfy. Learn to distinguish between GENUINE HUNGER and the jaded appetite. Between GENUINE HUNGER and compulsive cravings.

We get fat in our minds and emotions first, then in our bodies. The overweight person gave into negativity in his mind and emotions first. Then he dealt with these negative thoughts and feelings through eating too much calorie-dense food and by preferring inactivity to movement. Search your thoughts and feelings for negativity in any and all forms. Let go of this negativity, and forgive those people in your life associated with these negative feelings you have been feeding. Forgive everybody everything. Forgive yourself. Make a whole-hearted commit


ment to cast out all forms of dark thoughts and feelings. Negativity can only lead to a weakening of Your GetWellHStayWell Habits. Forgiveness can only strengthen Your GetWell HStayWell Habits.

Be willing to get ready to feel, move, think, and look younger and friskier and happier and more focused and more powerful with every 10 pounds you burn off! Ask yourself: "Am I really willing to be younger in body, mind, and emotions? Am I willing to be more attractive to people? To command more attention? To positively glow? To become a source of inspiration to others? Am I ready to have open capillary beds in my face that inspire rosy cheeks? Am I ready to have a spring in my step? To break into a trot when I'm in a hurry? To run up the stairs 2 at a time? To get out of bed in the morning with a bounce?" Get ready to get younger! And then call upon yourself as you lighten up and tone up and stretch out to move about your day challenging yourself to move with a more youthful style!

Preserver. Do not give up. Do not give in. And do not go back to overeating and sedentary living and hopelessness and helplessness and anger and shame and despair. No longer listen to or obey "The Voice of Discouragement." Stand strong against the subtle or bold discouragements in their many forms. Stand strong against mean-spirited looks and words, against bad dreams and tired moods, against strong smells of toxic and tempting foods, against mouth-watering textures and sights of fattening and sickening foods. Against the size of your clothes or the pounds on the scale or the inches on the tape when they all look "too big" to please you. You absolutely cannot enjoy the luxury of a discouraging thought or visual image or olfactory sensation or verbal assault or inhumane grimace or dark childhood memory or whatever! You can't even get too comfortable! The Voice of Discouragement is always there, encouraging you to take the path of least resistance, to take it easy, to put things off, to make excuses to eat too much of the wrong foods and then to wait til later to keep moving. The Voice of Discouragement is your Great Enemy! And The Subtle, Inaudible Voice of Discouragement is, perhaps, your Greatest!

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