I Was Thinking of You ALL on October 11th!

The October Fire Event Baptism by Fire!


Recognize that Natural Hygiene is based on The Physiological Laws of Life. If The Medical Mentality were going to get you well, you would be well by now! There is The Medical Mentality. And there are all the alternative health care systems. Natural Hygiene is The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System. And your close encounter with Victoria BidWell and The GetWell GrassRoots Wilderness Wagon has now formally introduced you to Natural Hygiene. Whatever your malady, whatever your complaint, whatever your disease profile, Natural Hygiene can help you. And so, Now it is time for you to study this Superlative of All The Alternatives. You got sick and uninspired because you got toxic and just too tired. Whatever your disease, you got sick as a result of... "An Energy Crisis in a Toxic Body!" You need to fully understand why you cannot GetWell and StayWell while you are eating a toxic diet, and you need to understand what foods are toxic and why. This will help you stay with the non-toxic, non-addicting, highly nutritious and calorie-light, energy-conservative foods. How on Earth, pray tell, can you expect to break a food addiction while you are consuming addicting foods? Is The Cocaine Addict given daily doses of cocaine while he is going through de-tox at a rehab center? Obesity is the result of food addiction, mild or severe. It is progressive: most people tend to get heavier and sicker with passing time. Today, I am presenting you with "FREE FUN & FACTS." The fresh, raw "Fruit & Veggies" are not only Superlative Nutrition: they are non-addicting, as well!

These few sheets of "FREE FUN & FACTS" are meant to whet your appetite for more knowledge of Natural Hygiene. Study Natural Hygiene. Get The GetWellHStayWell Info Pack: Send $5.oo to P.O. Box 1776, Mt. Vernon, WA, USA, 98273. For a complete education, send $30.oo for The Health Seekers' YearBook A Revolutionist's HandBook for Getting Well and Staying Well without The Medicine Men. I wrote it. Dr. Virginia Vetrano edited it. It is available only through me. Call me at: (360) 428 - 3687. I can help.

A full intellectual understanding of why raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds are Superlative


Nutrition and non-addicting will fortify your mind and emotions. Your choices will have the power of knowledge behind them. I promise you, if you follow this 10-point program of "LOTS & LOTS MORE RAW FRUITS & VEGGIES" and "LOTS & LOTS LESS OF THE STANDARD AMERICAN DIET," if you will drink more water, and if you will KEEP MOVING beyond the weak prescription of 20 minutes a few times a week, you will burn off fat. And you can do this if you will #9 Hold a HIGH and Positive Attitude! If you will hold a vision of yourself in a state of Superlative Health. If you will preserver. If you will refuse to listen to The Voice of Discouragement. If you will respect the natural design of your body and provide The 10 Conditions for Health.

Those of us who have gotten our bodies sadly mis-shapen with excess fatty tissue have all done it the same way. We have been eating too much food, we have been eating the wrong food, and we have been immobile too much of the time. The metabolism adapted accordingly to this excess of caloric intake and inactivity. And we stored the excess as adipose tissue, according to our genetic code. And we have done this, all the while in ignorance, in darkness, in negativity, in denial. It's time to break free and move out of that dark, negative, crippling bond to food and energy robbing habits.

I invite you today, to exercise your free will! To take a stand for your own health! To reclaim your intellect and emotions, your mind and your heart! To cross The Borders in your very soul. To go into The Glorious Wilderness! To look to the light of truth! To ride out into heights of joy and health! To take up the reins of self-responsibility! To put the spurs to your ribs! Our bodies are holy temples, fearfully and wonderfully made by design for glory, for service, for Superlative Health!

And so, Dear Health Seekers and New Friends of Mine, let me close with my favorite song from The Time/Life Songs for Life Library: "Saddle up your horses! We've got a trail to blaze! Into The Great Unknown, with God's Amazing Grace! This is The Great Adventure!"


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