I Was Thinking of You ALL on October 11th!

The October Fire Event Baptism by Fire!


Besides the time beyond the "20 minutes, 3 - 5 times a week" that you spend physically active, these are extra minutes and perhaps even long hours you can spend spiritually strengthening yourself in prayer or with transformational and inspiring music or lectures on tape or in self-examination and forgiveness. Plus, these are extra minutes and perhaps even long hours spent away from food and compulsive eating and invested in personal nurturing at the cellular level.

Get to know and appreciate your body during this Great GetWell StayWell Adventure! Start your day with massage oil, music, and privacy. Even if only for 5 or 10 minutes. Practice self-massage. Use a small amount of natural oil. Deeply massage the legs, the arms, shoulders, ankles, wrists, everywhere you can reach. If you will do this over the period you are burning off excess fat, you will become supremely aware of your body your skin tone, your muscle groups, your fat deposits, your wrinkles, as the fat leaves faster than the skin can catch up. Take this time, also, to recommit to The GetWellHStayWell Common Sense 10-Point Program so that you are fortified and will not fall off The Wilderness Wagon so readily, so that you will not be taken down so easily. This self-massage practice serves as an inspiration to make your day "a burn-off success." You will get to know your body as living, changing tissue. You will feel a difference week to week, sometimes even day to day, certainly month to month. It is a way to stay in touch with "the burn-off process." And it is a powerful motivator. You will no longer just live with awareness of yourself from the neck up. The self-massage will enable you to stay in touch with your entire body as changing, shaping, toning, slimming tissue throughout the burn-off. You will feel each pound leave. You will feel


muscle groups and tendons and ligaments and bones surface as the fat leaves. You will feel the wrinkles and watch them disappear. And because you are quite literally "keeping in touch" with your physical being, you will appreciate it infinitely more and want to keep going into The Wilderness of Wellness. This morning practice will serve to instill a deep gratitude of your obvious, daily progress in your Wild, Revolutionary Adventure! And you will appreciate your physical being like never before! You will, as a result, be further inspired to stay with it and not unconsciously fall off into discouragement and not feed yourself throughout the day when you are not the least bit genuinely hungry!

Hold yourself accountable. Make friends with the tape measure and the scale. Weighing and measuring can become happy and fun occasions when you are burning off fat at a steady rate! Hold yourself accountable to this great burn off by going down in pounds and inches each month. You can do this. You can commit. It is your choice. It is your free will.

Fat can oxidize only in the presence of water and oxygen! Drink a lot of pure water every day! I drink over a gallon a day when I am very active.

To oxidize excess fat deposits, the body must burn off more calories during any given day than it consumes. Plain and simple. After your immediate blood sugar and glycogen storehouses are emptied, your body goes for the fat deposits. When these are released, you will feel like you have just eaten a full meal, and you will not be hungry! AMAZING BUT TRUE! In reality, you are releasing the caloric value of a meal you ate long ago which you did not need. Now you need it. You will burn it off. And it will be gone, gone, gone!

Push, push, push yourself into 3 kinds of movement: aerobics for cardio-vascular endurance, stretches for flexibility, and weight-lifting for strength. Do challenge yourself to sweat more, stretch more, lift more. Be willing to interpret "the natural discomfort and even pain of waking up your stiff and feeble body" as "the pleasure of getting well!" Turn discomfort into pleasure. Turn the pain of muscle stiffness and weakness into the exhilaration and invigoration of rejuvenation!

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