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Make your health "A Priority." Your health seeking does not have to become the only priority all of the time. But it does have to become "A Priority" much of the time, especially when you are in the position of making food and movement choices. And it does have to become "A Priority" often enough in your daily life choices to be reflected in your physical being as excess fat burned off! You will know when you have reached that point: your excess fat will be disappearing, leaving behind nicely toned muscle to emerge under your skin.

Pray for wrinkles! The skin has elastic properties. When the fat leaves the fat depots with relentless regularity over time, loose skin is left; and you get wrinkles! This is a good thing. Be encouraged! The skin's elasticity properties will kick in and catch up. But for a time, you will have wrinkles. This is a good thing!

Count your blessings! Be grateful to be alive and to be getting well! Be joyful! Find excuses to laugh! Make this FUN! Or I promise you, it won't get done and stay done!

Access your childhood memory banks. Go back to the active indulgences you loved and pursued with a passion in days gone by and do them again in as much the same spirit as you did them in your younger years! If you had a childhood indoors and inactive, then access the memory banks of the most active and well people you know! If you are physically able, work into successive approximations of activities, until you are able, for instance to walk barefoot again in the cool grass. Find a user-friendly knoll and roll down it. Go to a playground and swing in the swing set, climb and stretch on the jungle gym, balance on logs and walk them. Go into the woods and weave in and out of the trees, making up games as you go. Fly a kite. Go to a swimming pool and jump off the board, then dive off, then jump off the high dive. Do you dare dive off that high dive? Learn to play again with the mindset and imagination of a happy, innocent, carefree child! Get a horse! Or whatever keeps you moving!

Get a music machine hooked up to your body and plugged into your ears with headphones. Then, move to the music with a sense of freedom and gratitude that you are alive! Experiment with healthy self-expression. Move to the music that allows for the full range of motion for all the joints in your body. Find music that lights you up, inspires you! Keep moving! Put weights in your hands and move. Sit on the ground and stretch. If you will do this, you will find you are able to keep moving 10 times as long with 1/2 the pain and 10 times the joy as YOUR previous workouts without music!


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Get outdoors as much as possible. And get outdoors in all kinds of weather. Experience direct contact with nature: sunny, windy, rainy, frosty, snowy. Interact with your natural environment. Sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. Go out of your way to make trips into nature. And let the natural beauty and the sounds, smells, touches, and tastes, and the fresh air inspire you! Drink in nature. And keep moving! Do it in nature! Seek The Wilderness! Or a city park or open field. If you live in the city and cannot easily or safely get out in nature, you will have to make do at home or in a gym.

KEEP MOVING, especially to the music, in the great outdoors, during all hours of the day. Do sunrises and sunsets. Do dawns and dusks. Do pitch blacks and full moons. And leave your cares and worries, fears and anxieties, all negative emotions behind. Cross The Border in your mind and heart. Be in the moment with your body as you push it to greater heights of endurance, flexibility, and strength.

Consider the possibility that all the weight-loss programs out there all these years have been wrong when it comes to you and your biochemical, metabolic individuality with their prescription of "at least 20 minutes of exercise, 3 - 5 times a week." Think about it! If these programs were going to have worked for you, you would have been successfully inspired by them by now; and you would not be overweight today as you read this! Is it more important to you to stick with the security of conventional thinking that just does not work for you? Or do you dare to cross The Borders in your mind and heart? To ride out into The Wellness Wilderness to experience for yourself that which really works for you? I considered that possibility, and I experimented on it myself in The Wilderness. You may just need more perhaps much more than this minimum of "20 minutes, 3 - 5 times a week." I knew, deep in my soul, that I was going to need long, continuous hours to get the job done.

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