I Was Thinking of You ALL on October 11th!

The October Fire Event Baptism by Fire!


Could You Use...


1.Clean Out the 75 TRILLION Cells

of Your Body

2.Breathe Pure Air

3.Drink Pure Water

4.Get Lots of Rest & Sleep

5.Secure Superlative Nutrition...

Eat Lots & LOTS More (or all)

RAW Fruit & Veggies!

6.Avoid Extreme Temperatures

7.Take Frequent Sunbaths

8. KEEP M - O - V - I - N - G



10.Create Supportive

& Loving Relationships


Lessons for The Health Seeker

from The Wilderness Wagon

for Burning Off Excess Fat!

Can also apply to reversal of disease & fitness maintenance.

I was in such physical misery and dark depression at 270 pounds, I knew I would have to get away from my life if I were going to GetWell. I crossed The Border into Canada and left worries behind. And I was "on my own." I knew not one person when I crossed The Border into Canada. But I did have the knowledge I needed to Get Well and StayWell. I just did not have the discipline I needed. This, I learned with each passing day. Today, I would like to share with you the mind sets, emotional cleansings, spiritual teachings, and daily habits that led to my 100 pound weight burn-off in one year's time. Today, I would like to share with you how to "cross borders in your mind, emotions, and body so that you make enough GetWellHStayWell choices that they show. Regardless of the present condition you have gotten yourself into as you begin Your GetWellHStayWell Great Adventure, hold onto a clear and living- color vision of yourself going about your moment-to-moment life in the glorious state of Superlative Health & High Energy! GetWell in your mind's eye first loud and clear and full of love before you do anything else!

Chances are, your fat will not burn off automatically, while you are looking the other way. You are going to have to do many things in your daily life differently. And that is going to take an education in your mind and a transformation in your emotions. Therefore, ask yourself: "Just how willing am I to do what it takes to bring this new vision of myself Superlatively Healthy into reality?" In other words: "Just how bad do I want it?" Unless you are willing to give it "your all," you may as well stay tired and toxic, fat and flabby. Any half-hearted progress will only be temporary unless you are willing to give it "your all." Any half-hearted progress will fail and just add more failure to your memory banks. Any half-heartedness, that is, will not do the job. Know that you will be riding far out of your comfort zone, far away from your present eating and drinking and movement habits, and far into The Great Adventure of The Unknown! As soon as you practice these 10 "MORE ENERGY" habits, your body will begin to generate more health. And your life will become fresher and newer with each day that you perceive yourself in an ever-improving state of Superlative Health and High Energy! It is... VERY EXCITING! You will know you have arrived when different people even strangers say to you as you go about your day: "You're just glowing!" or "You look great!" or "What is your secret?" or "Whatever you're on, I want some of it!"


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