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I had only one more chance to turn myself around. My finances and my Nerve Energy were almost bankrupt. I knew that I would have to start with asking God for help. I was, indeed, poor in spirit. I had complete faith that The 10-point program of Natural Hygiene could get me well. And so, I left for Fairmont Hot Springs in British Columbia, not knowing a soul there. A private, wooden corral at "The J & N" on The Kootenay Indian Reservation in the Canadian Rockies had been reserved. There, I would have one entire, fully financed month to go all the way back to the 2 favorites out of my childhood that had kept me exceedingly active, water and a horse. As a teenager, on a typical summer day, I would ride bareback and barefoot on a 30 mile round trip through Skagit Valley, Washington, stopping to swim in 2 or 3 lakes and foraging for food in the woods, off the fruit trees, and in the farmer's fields. My childhood memory banks were full of such expansive activity. But I was so depressed, it would take serious effort to access them. Nevertheless, I was determined to turn my situation around once and for all, or die trying. The day I drove out the driveway, I put myself and all that I owned in God's hands. And I have been blessed far, far beyond what my tired and dim heart and mind could imagine at the time!

Fairmont Hot Springs is 400 miles directly north of Couer 'd Aelene, Idaho. It is along the trail of the longest, continuous, natural wetlands in the western hemisphere. The community centers around Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, where a huge, heated by hot springs, 93° "workout pool" and smaller, 102° hot tub await you. The clean, clear mineral water is changed every night in the summer and every other night in the winter. And so, for approximately 4 weeks out of every 6, for exactly 1 year, I lived up there in "Old Blue," now renamed "The GetWell GrassRoots Wilderness Wagon." I was physically active 8 - 14 hours a day, in temperatures that ranged from 110° Fahrenheit to -25° Fahrenheit. The first day, I could only do 2 hours in the 110° August. Then I passed out for 14 hours of sleep, so exhausted I didn't even roll over! By the end of the month, I put in a 12 hour day and had burned off 20 pounds. The pool manager and all his lifeguard staff were friendly, fun, and supportive! I was safe in God's Country! It was the best year of my life. And I encourage you to write for their color brochure and see Fairmont Hot Springs for yourself. See the phone and address on the page 5 as pool manager Gordon Just serves as the 270 pound photograph I never had the foresight or high spirits to take.

For the overweight person whose musculoskeletal system is suffering, the warm water is a blessing! Fat floats. And so, all that excess fat is lifted up by the water. And you do not carry the burden on your physical frame. You feel light. And the warm water massages you. It's heavenly, you are being loved and blessed. I floated around like an angel, so happy! Exercise on dry land even for 20 minutes was virtually impossible; but it the water, I could KEEP MOVING for hours! I did no exercise on dry land until February. My knees still hurt. In August, 1998, I had to get up on a tall stump to get into the saddle on my horse, with my stomach pushing against the saddle horn. Now I have 8" of space between me and the horn. By April, I could get back up in the saddle, all by myself! Each month my exercise routines progressed: from invalidism to semi-invalidism to athlete hobbyism to spiritual warrior training. In January, I received a contribution from a friend that helped me to finance my stay for the full year. This lifted me up into the glorious clouds! By then, I had enough Nerve Energy built up to come up with the bright idea of mounting a cassette player on some headgear I devised. That is when workouts took off into true joy!

Today, I have 40 pounds to go. You have met me somewhere along the highways or byways of North America, living in The GetWell Wilderness Wagon and sharing "The Wild & Revolutionary Message of How to GetWell & StayWell!" It is with deepest gratitude that I have been put in a position to share with you. I trust and pray that these efforts help and bless you. And I ask that you take this information to heart and share it with loved ones in need. Contributions will be used to help me out.

Your Obedient Servant,

8/22/99 Phone Messsage: (360) 428 - 3687

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