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On August 1, 1998, I took a '64 Chev motorhome, an old horse trailer, and a young horse into The Wilderness of British Columbia, Canada. I had eaten myself up to 270 pounds and was only 5'6" tall. My measurements were 45" - 42" - 52." The weight on my musculoskeletal frame was so severe, I could hardly walk. My hip joint had begun popping out of its joint, with excruciating pain. And my knees were crushing. I kept having images of a U.P.S. truck delivering a wheelchair to my doorstep. I was in so much physical pain with fibromyalgia symptoms that it took 20 seconds to roll over in bed at night. And I had to swing my right leg 3 times and then lift it at the knee with both hands to get it off the ground one foot and to pull myself into my little '86 Ford Ranger. I was fitting into no chairs or seats wherever I went. And people stared at me. (It is a natural human inclination to stare at a freakish sight, obese bodies included. I got used to being stared at.) My electrical system was shutting down, and the things of the earth were growing strangely dim. The fat was so crushing, I had to lie on my back to sleep; and even then, the weight of my fat coupled with the weight of gravity made breathing difficult. I could write a book just depicting the physical misery and dynamics of fat bondage to those of you who cannot relate or empathize. But I am sure that you have gotten a bit of the picture. And worse than the physical symptoms, at age 53, I was deep into depression. I had been trying for 12 years to rise to the calling of serving as "A Health Educator." And although hundreds of thousands of various GetWellHStayWell, America! publications and packages had reached Health Seekers around the world and helped them during these 12 years through my efforts, I struggled with an eating disorder and workaholic lifestyle that resulted in no peace of mind and no radiant health for me.

I know. It sounds insane. How could a Health Educator get herself into this position? I will probably go down in health history as the most astounding contradiction of all times up to August 1, 1998. The reality was that the depths of my eating disorder and depression had gone beyond all understanding. Nevertheless, my intellectual understanding of Natural Hygiene and my faith in its efficacy have been unrivaled. And, former English teacher for 10 years that I am, my command of the English language and talent for eaching and drive to help Health Seekers escape the ravages of The Medical Mentality and ignorance of The Laws of Life had led me to teach fervently that which I could not live successfully. (I have been 118 pounds. And I have been 280. And gone up and down in between throughout my lifetime.) Some of us, deep into addiction, need not just the intellectual and quite secular teachings of The 10-point program. We need the grace of God to help us learn the discipline necessary to live healthy habits. And that is what I found in "Beautiful, Super, Natural British Columbia."

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