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Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Review


Herbert M. Shelton: Editor & Publisher in San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Shelton & Victoria Define "NATURAL HYGIENE" as...

"The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System!"

digestion, assimilation, excretion, for reproduction, for work and play. Without these factor-elements, these Primordial Requisites of organic existence, there is no life no thriving, fully functioning, living organism. And without these FACTOR-ELEMENTS in proper proportions, the organism slowly falls into decay and dies.


There does not come a time in the life of the individual when he does not need these Requisites of Existence! He cannot continue his existence in their absence! He cannot develop and grow if they are lacking! He cannot maintain himself if he does not receive an adequate supply of them! He needs, not one of them, but all of them! NATURAL HYGIENE, therefore, is not a single-method-approach to the problems of health, disease and healing, but must embrace in its scope, all the details included in The 10 Energy Enhancers. To suggest a too-exclusive reliance upon raw food or exercise or fasting or some other hygienic factor, irrespective of the complete physiological and emotional needs of the system, is to fail of complete success. We cannot expect full results in any case, whether well or sick, when we partially or completely subjugate all of the hygienic factors to one of these hygienic factors. For example, as physiologically important as may be a life spent in the great outdoors, we should not permit this to blind us to the importance of all other Hygienic factors. If we resort to one preference alone, to the neglect of many other Energy Enhancer, we may do considerable good; but we will certainly fall far short of doing all the good that can and should be done.

A rational NATURAL HYGIENE will study and understand exactly and precisely the nature and influences and uses of air, water, food, sunlight, rest, sleep, activity or exercise, temperature, friendship, creative outlets, pets, spiritual considerations, occupation, environment, clothing, housing, noise, the emotions, the sex life, shoe size, and other factors of living! A rational NATURAL HYGIENE will apply the knowledge thus gained, daily, hourly, constantly, acting ever and always in proper relation with The Laws of Life, to the end that health may be preserved

and restored. A rational NATURAL HYGIENE will not pay an exaggerated attention to exercise alone, not to diet alone, nor to sunshine alone, not to emotional poise alone, nor to any other, single hygienic factor. A multi-dimensional, well-rounded, correlated, and integrated system of living, which includes all the conditions, activities, and materials of a healthy life, and that excludes all the conditions, activities, and materials that are destructive to life, will alone preserve and restore health. Superlative Health must be built and maintained as a unit and must rest upon... A TOTAL WAY OF LIFE.

As much Cleanliness as will keep the outer body clean and the inner tissues free of Toxemia... as much Pure Air or oxygen as will supply the varying needs of the body as it is less active or more active... as much Pure Water as will quench thirst, obviate dehydration, and compensate for losses... as much Rest & Sleep as the state of the body necessitates... as much of The Hygienic Diet as can be properly digested and assimilated... as much attention to environment as necessary to achieve Right Temperatures... as much Sunshine as is required to assure normal nutrition and a healthy glow... as much Regular Exercise of the body as is suited for cellular health... as much poise and as many friendships as are needed for Emotional Balance and Nurturing Relationships these and similar needs of the living organisms, are the FACTOR ELEMENTS out of which Superlative Health is compounded! The supply of these Energy Enhancers must be modified to meet the varying needs and capacities of the body under different conditions of life and in the varying states of the body in health and in sickness, in idleness or at work. Observance of and obedience to The 10 Energy Enhancers constitutes the way to both restore health and to preserve health. The proper adjustment of The Normal Needs of Life to the varying needs and capacities of the body, avoiding both excesses and deficiencies, constitutes the only sound basis upon which to build and to maintain Superlative Health. It is safe to say that... "All other health care systems that are not so grounded in natural truths are delusion!"

As The Needs of Life vary under varying conditions and circumstances, as the capacities of life rise and fall in keeping with its internal state, the appropriation and use of the necessary material, conditions, and activities of life must vary also. There

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