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Herbert M. Shelton: Editor & Publisher in San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Shelton & Victoria Define "NATURAL HYGIENE" as...

"The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System!"

HYGIENE Victoria has neatly summarized, as you all are aware by now, as "The 10 Energy Enhancers." The sum of the whole of these if rightly used and if applied before the pathological point of no return is reached is HEALTH. When any or all of The 10 Energy Enhancers are abused by pursuing their opposites, The 10 Energy Robbers, disease results. Preservative NATURAL HYGIENE, or THE HYGIENIC CARE OF THE WELL, to the end that health may be maintained, is the correct employment of these HYGIENIC FACTOR-ELEMENTS of normal living: The 10 Energy Enhancers, plus the persistent avoidance of abnormal elements of health or habits that we have foolishly, though perhaps, ignorantly, introduced into our living plans.

Of these combined means contributing severally to the needs of the body, and each essential to it, it is enough to state that it would be impossible to assign to any a superior value over the rest. The simple fact is that each is indispensable and that health is preserved, not by one of the number, alone, but through the combined employment of all of them. Food, for example, is of tremendous value: but it is of value only in its physiological connections with air, water, exercise, rest and sleep, sunshine, and the other elements of nature's hygienic plan. We should not deceive ourselves with the delusion that the raw food diet is a new cure-all and pan-therapy or that exercise alone will compensate for our neglect of the other elements of a valid NATURAL HYGIENE.


We should not evolve an undue enthusiasm for any one facet of THE HYGIENIC WAY OF LIFE; rather, we should accept all of it in the knowledge that every factor-element of hygiene is vitally important! Altogether too many of us are inclined to think that NATURAL HYGIENE is a way of eating or that it is fasting. We fail to grasp the significant fact that NATURAL HYGIENE is... a complete way of life.

Vegetarianism, Raw Foodism, and other forms of dietary reform, physical culture, and the various psychological and spiritual movements are mere fragmentary, one-dimensional approaches to


The many and complex problems of the totality of life! These fragmented philosophies are never adequate to meet all the needs of life. NATURAL HYGIENE, by insisting upon an all-out approach when compared to these one-dimensional movements, constitutes a full system of mind-body care in health and in sickness, requiring to be supplemented only by constructive surgery in cases of crisis. NATURAL HYGIENE is the superlative, alternative health care system!

The 10 Basic Needs of Life are relatively few and simple, yet we have so much difficulty in understanding them! Even the biologist, who above all other men, should quickly grasp the need to adequately meet all of these Basic Needs of Life and who should readily recognize the impossibility of the living organism's metabolizing or constructively using exotic elements and substances, seems to have great difficulty in understanding the hygienic way of life!

Once we fully understand that NATURAL HYGIENE is... a total way of life, we will not be misled by any thought that fasting or raw food or any other single factor-element of the basic needs of the living organism constitutes NATURAL HYGIENE. Nor will we think of natural hygiene as a way of curing disease. NATURAL HYGIENE is simply... a way and the only way of adequately meeting The Primordial Requisites of organic existence! The supply of these needs is or should be, at all times, whether well or sick, adjusted to the current needs of the human organism and his or her ability to make constructive use of them.

Consider, for a minute, the role of The 10 Energy Enhances, the essentials of organic existence, in the great scheme of life. THEY are the FACTOR-ELEMENTS out of which development and growth proceed. THEY are the materials with which function is carried on. THEY are the elements and influences by which the wear and tear of the active organism is made good. THEY are the materials out of which functional products are made. THEYare the means and the only means with which and by which repair of damages and knitting of broken bones are achieved. THEY provide the body with the raw materials that generate the Nerve Energy for

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