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Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Review


Herbert M. Shelton: Editor & Publisher in San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Shelton & Victoria Define "NATURAL HYGIENE" as...

"The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System!"

for the sick but will insist upon full compliance with nature's own conditions of recovery. From this study will come a realization that NATURAL HYGIENE as THE SUPERLATIVE ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM rests upon a way of life that does not violate The Laws of being, upon a way of life that adequately meets the requirements of organic existence and upon a way of life that does not introduce harmful elements into daily routine. NATURAL HYGIENEas THE SUPERLATIVE ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM is based upon a way of life that assures the stability of the organism, which alone can provide enduring health. NATURAL HYGIENE as THE SUPERLATIVE ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM will not offer man and woman a life of riotous indulgence nor a way of insane self-denial. For neither hedonism nor asceticism flow from a correct knowledge of The Laws of Life and the conditions of organic existence.

*A SUPERLATIVELY TRUE SCIENCE OF LIFE... will promote health of mind and body by means of The Elements of Health and will not seek to prevent disease with the causes of disease, not to cure disease with the foes of life!

*A SUPERLATIVELY TRUE SCIENCE OF LIFE... is respectful of and obedient to The Laws of Life. There are certain, fundamental conditions proper to the mental and physical well-being of man. And we must understand, as a matter of the strictest science, as well as of individual experience, that health is maintained or lost in exact proportion as these fundamental conditions are supplied or denied. This is one of the first important truths in reference to our physical organization which we must learn. If we are to have health on anything more than the haphazard basis commonly accepted, WE MUST BE RESPECTFUL OF AND OBEDIENT TO THE LAWS OF LIFE. For, when The Conditions of Normal Life are not fulfilled, it is inevitable that sickness ensue. When they are adequately fulfilled, health is equally inevitable.

*A SUPERLATIVELY TRUE SCIENCE OF LIFE... is most successfully lived by "A GENUINE HYGIENIST." As this is a specific term in NATURAL HYGIENE, a definition follows.



A GENUINE HYGIENIST will seek to discover and understand The Laws of Life and to understand the results of infractions of these Laws. A GENUINE HYGIENIST will study The Needs of Life and the results of failure to adequately meet these needs. A GENUINE HYGIENIST will also study the results of redundancies and excesses. A GENUINE HYGIENIST will study the many and varied conditions upon which the health or illth of the individual and the group are based. A GENUINE HYGIENIST will study the effects of the introduction into the life of the individual or of a people, elements and factors that are not normal to The Needs of Life. For example, instead of defending drug addictions, such as chronic nicotine and caffeine use, A GENUINE HYGIENIST will seek to guide people in paths of physiological and biological Common Health Sense! A GENUINE HYGIENIST is respectful of and obedient to each "hygienic factor" in life.


By what rule shall we determine what is and what is not "an HYGIENIC FACTORS"?

An "HYGIENIC FACTORS" is "a material, condition, or activity that is essential to life and health, one without which the healthy body tends to fall into ruin." Whether a material, a condition, or an activity, if the healthy body cannot live and maintain health without it, it is an "HYGIENIC FACTORS." If you may live as well (or better) and as long (or longer) without than with certain factors, they are not essential, are not hygienic. Certainly, if they are injurious, they cannot be classed as "hygienic factors." In NATURAL HYGIENE, as in ethics,a rational consideration of the consequences of action as a basis of behavior, is essential. We must abandon the fallacy that "unique or idiosyncratic personality functioning" can supply us with a valid NATURAL HYGIENE, or a rational ethic. Bending the cosmic forces to the will of man or woman is done, not by violating the laws governing these forces, but by obeying them. WE CREATE AND WE CONTROL OUR HEALTH BY !

The chief materials and conditions and activities concerned in the vital processes of NATURAL

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