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Herbert M. Shelton: Editor & Publisher in San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Shelton & Victoria Define "NATURAL HYGIENE" as...

"The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System!"

*The principles of NATURAL HYGIENE , therefore, must be valid and cannot be superstitions, myths, legends, folklore, assumptions, mere opinions, theories, dogmas, nor any combination thereof.

*The principles of NATURAL HYGIENE must constitute more than a staunch conviction or a popular belief. The principles of NATURAL HYGIENE must be true; and if they are not true, they cannot serve as a valid foundation upon which to build a true and superlative way of life.

*Because the principles of NATURAL HYGIENE grow out of a careful analysis of a wealth of related facts, they have their roots in the daily life and in the real experiences of man, woman, and child.

*Because the principles of NATURAL HYGIENE are true, they will apply with full force to other forms of life and not to humans alone. For a valid and superlative NATURAL HYGIENE must satisfy life and not merely the notions of its leaders in the health field. NATURAL HYGIENE is a much larger thing than most of us ever stop to contemplate or imagine!

*NATURAL HYGIENE is the employment of materials, agents, and influences that have a normal relationship to life, according to well-defined laws and demonstrated principles of nature, in the preservation and restoration of health.

*NATURAL HYGIENE comprehends and teaches the maintenance of all The Conditions of Health, the removal of all the causes of impaired health. NATURAL HYGIENE presents a thorough and scientific application of The Elements of Health as the proper and sufficient means of supplying the needs of the recuperative and reparative powers of the living organism in restoring health and in maintaining that health once restored.

*NATURAL HYGIENE embraces and seeks to embrace truths in nature and seeks to learn their proper application to the preservation and restoration of health. Thus, NATURAL HYGIENE embodies a natural and correct science and art of care, both of the well and the sick.

*NATURAL HYGIENE relies upon no extraneous concoctions, materials, therapies, cures, activities,


and conditions that have no normal relationship to life. NATURAL HYGIENE relies upon no favorable accidents. NATURAL HYGIENE relies upon no mysticism or mystery to maneuver the body into health and well-being.

*NATURAL HYGIENE, rather, seeks to preserve and restore health with The Elements of Health. *NATURAL HYGIENE turns to physiology and to the natural uses of mind-body care with The 10 Energy Enhancers. NATURAL HYGIENEis exultant at the range of means available to it from these natural sources, which are fully competent to secure the highest results!


*A superlatively true science of life... which NATURAL HYGIENE seeks to establish, can arise only out of a study of life, and not out of a study of laboratory chemistry and blackboard equations. Man is a living organism, the smallest cell of which is more complex than the most elaborately equipped chemical laboratory and the most exquisitely formulated equation! We do not learn anything of man and woman by pulverizing and powdering their dead bodies into dust and by then analyzing the dust! We study the human beings, living human beings, in all of their relations. We must study their needs and their normal conditions of existences.

*A SUPERLATIVELY TRUE SCIENCE OF LIFE... will not come out of the laboratory alone but must be based primarily upon a study of man and woman as living, feeling, thinking, acting beings.

*A SUPERLATIVELY TRUE SCIENCE OF LIFE... NATURAL HYGIENE will give attention to The 10 Energy Enhancers: Cleanliness, Pure Air, Pure Water, Adequate Rest & Sleep, The Ideal Diet, Right Temperatures, Sunshine, Exercise, Emotional Health, and Nurturing Relationships. To take it further, attention must be given to the minutiae: dress, occupations, sleeping patterns, habits of all kinds, all aspects of environment, music, in a phrase," to The Needs to Life and the mode of living."

*A SUPERLATIVELY TRUE SCIENCE OF LIFE... will not provide any plan of vicarious salvation

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