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Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Review


Herbert M. Shelton: Editor & Publisher in San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Shelton & Victoria Define "NATURAL HYGIENE" as...

"The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System!"

*Sometimes, the generic term "hygiene" is defined as "that branch of medicine...." But this not a valid definition, for NATURAL HYGIENE is anti-medical! Medicines do not get sick people well! This generic term is a false definition and grows out of the effort of the medical profession to claim a complete monopoly on human life and on all health care systems! NATURAL HYGIENE is the care of the body and mind; as an art, it came into existence the day humanity came into existence. That is, NATURAL HYGIENE existed for ages before there was any effort made to "practice medicine." NATURAL HYGIENE as "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System" was ignored by the medical progression only until The Medicine Men were forced to give it their attention, whereupon they have worked to degrade it, pervert it, ridicule it, even, in part, mimic it when they found it useful to so do.


*In The Garden of Eden, The Essential Elements Those 10 Glorious Energy Enhancers were practiced by primeval man and woman as a way of life. It belonged to man and woman as it belonged to the animals. Early man's and woman's NATURAL HYGIENE was a practical and instinctive employment of the means of life in their efforts to survive. Modern NATURAL HYGIENE rests upon theoretical grounds that cluster around certain, well-ascertained principles of biological science. Early man's NATURAL HYGIENE may be designated as "informal," since it was unplanned or undirected, as contrasted to the NATURAL HYGIENE of the present that is planned and directed according to principle. This is not to imply that the instinctive NATURAL HYGIENE of early man and prerecorded history was inferior, but it does mean that it was carried out with little conscious understanding of why and certainly no theoretical and scientific framework. With the advancement of civilization and scientific progress, our adjustments of means to ends is certainly more precise than were our predecessors'.

*During prerecorded history and before physiology was investigated, rules of NATURAL HYGIENE were instinctive, traditional, and empirical. Today NATURAL HYGIENE is based on the sciences of physiology


and biology. NATURAL HYGIENISTS are convinced that when we have acquired a perfect knowledge of The Laws of Life and learned how to apply these in a perfect manner in our system of NATURAL HYGIENE, then disease will no longer be possible.

*In this sense, NATURAL HYGIENE is... the art of preserving health.

*In its broader sense, NATURAL HYGIENE is... the art of intelligent living. In this article, it shall be our endeavor to present a synopsis, an overview of NATURAL HYGIENE. And since this cannot be done properly without presenting and making crystal clear an over-all definition of "NATURAL HYGIENE," we must devote still more attention to our definition before attempting an analysis of the particular features of The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System of natural hygienE.


*A valid system of NATURAL HYGIENE cannot be an artificial fabrication. It cannot be a mystery, an enigma, a riddle, or a puzzle. It cannot be witchcraft or voodooism or superstition or folklore or legend.

*A valid system of NATURAL HYGIENE must be composed of the elemental demands of healthy, living organisms; and it must be based upon the unvarying principles of nature. Only upon a basis of life's own needs and the human constitution can a valid system of mind-body care be based.

*A valid system of NATURAL HYGIENE must harmonize in all its particulars with all that we definitely know about life and must not fly away in the face of a valid interpretation of the vast experiences of man and womankind.

*A valid system of NATURAL HYGIENE must be able to meet both the simplest and the deepest problems by an appeal to principles that may be demonstrated. The principles of NATURAL HYGIENE must be capable of uniting all the elemental factors of NATURAL HYGIENE and holding them together, thus constituting the firm, central point upon which man, woman, and child can rely to get well and to stay well.

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