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Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Review


Herbert M. Shelton: Editor & Publisher in San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Shelton & Victoria Define "NATURAL HYGIENE" as...

"The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System!"

  Dear Health Seekers & GetWell Friends!

Do CLICK ON... "Who Was Dr. Shelton? And What Does GetWell Offer that He Produced?" Dr.H.M.Shelton Here, you will appreciate Dr. Shelton's life through a "TimeLine." I never met Dr. Shelton in the flesh, although I did see him from a distance in 1976 when I attended his Health School for 17 days. During those 17 days destined to direct my life forevermore, I studied volumes of The Hygienic System. And during the following years, I studied virtually everything Dr. Shelton had written. In a calling to my soul and in a quickening of my body, I felt Dr. Shelton's efforts to bring Natural Hygiene get passed on to me. And that calling has rung more loudly and more clearly as the years have passed! It is with this background that I have the boldness to "edit " Dr. Shelton's writings. Certainly, as a former English Teacher with an impeccable use of the written language, I can improve upon Dr. Shelton by adding a few more periods and capital letters to his sometimes unwieldy and incomprehensible sentence structures! Certainly, I can add the femine gender to his male-dominated use of nouns and pronouns in order to remind the reader that womankind exists alongside mankind! And certainly, I can improve upon his teaching skills with transitional devices, repetitions of key points, boldfacing and setting off topics with headers, providing definitions of esoteric and/or archaic terminology, especially layout, and even organizational improvements! Few in The Hygienic Movement would protest greatly to editorializations such as these. In fact, I have edited the work in this fashion for a number of Hygienic professionals in The Movement today. The protestations, however, may come when I start editing Dr. Shelton's content. Certainly, I have no background for nor any intentions of editing Dr. Shelton's technical, physiological teachings.

But, in his articles, I have #1... corrected Dr. Shelton's mechanical use of English, #2... edited Dr. Shelton's rhetoric, layout, and teaching devices, while #3... adding Victoria's "Let's Make It Fun! You Can Do It!" tone. First of all, note that Dr. Shelton, in all his volumes, never itemized Natural Hygiene's "Basic Requisites of Health." I have done so in "The 10 Energy Enhancers." And secondly, Dr. Shelton never labeled Natural Hygiene as... "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System." I have done so in all the GetWellHStayWell, America! rhetoric. Why no Teacher ever bothered to make Natural Hygiene easier for The Student by itemizing "The Conditions for Health" and keeping them in a memorizable, graspable order has always mystified me. And certainly, no Teacher will argue that Natural Hygiene is not "The Best" of all the alternative health care systems! So why not bill it as such with the bright banner of "Super-la-tive!"?

The 10 Energy Enhancers

1.Cleanliness Inside & Out

2.Pure Air

3.Pure Water

4.Adequate Rest & Sleep

5.The Ideal Diet of Fresh, Raw

Fruits & Veggies, Nuts & Seeds

All in Proper Combination

6.Right Temperatures

7.Adequate Sunlight

8.Regular Exercise

9.Emotional Balance

10.Nurturing Relationships

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