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JUST what "Natural Hygiene" is!

JUST what "Natural Hygiene" is not!

At the outset, it is essential that we get a clear conception of just what natural hygiene is and what it is not. In other words, "Before we can comprehend NATURAL HYGIENE a system that differs so radically from all other traditional and alternative health care systems that have ever been offered to the public, it is essential for us to understand what natural hygiene is and what it is not!"

*Natural Hygiene is a way of life. *Natural Hygiene is mode of living.

*Natural Hygiene is not a collection of assorted cures.

*Natural Hygiene is not a grab-bag full of therapeutic modalities.

*Natural Hygiene is a system of care of the body and mind, both in health and in illth. ("Ill" is a word coined by Dr. Shelton. He always used it in the phrase: "health and illth.")

*Natural Hygiene is based upon a practical recognition and a systematic carrying out of The Laws of Life, that is, the laws of organic existence, as these are developed and explained by the physiological and biological sciences. (CLICK ON... "Health Report #1," Page #3, for "The Natural Physiological Laws of Life.")

*Natural Hygiene is the science of normal, vital development.

*Natural Hygiene emcompasses all The Laws of Life that determine the changes in living organisms and all the conditions which contribute to or interfere with normal growth and sustenance. (See "The 10 Energy Enhancers" on the foregoing page: these are Victoria's delineation of Dr. Shelton's "Conditions of Health," Factor-Elements of Life," "Basic Requisites of Life," "Essentials of Health," "Primordial Requisites," and other interchangeable terms he uses throughout his many volumes.)

*Natural Hygiene traces any conditions to the unerring Laws of Life (or laws of nature) and thereupon establishes its philosophy of life and its practices.

*Natural Hygiene demonstrates the great, primary principle of human action that all permanent, all good, all enduring happiness, all true progress is found only in respect of and obedience to The Laws of Life.

*Natural Hygiene, in general, is the art of preserving health.

*Natural Hygiene rests squarely upon the fundamental principles of physiology and is in accord with the fundamental principles of biology.

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