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"How to GetWell & StayWell Articles" from Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Reviews

The Hygienic Care


& Your Marvelous Heart!

By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton & Edited by Victoria

"cardio" = "heart" & "vascul" = "vessels" & "ar" = "adjective"

"cardiovascular disease" = "disease of the heart & circulatory vessels"

"Cardiovascular disease" is a general term that refers to any of the heart and/or venous or arterial vessels, including the following: may include high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, stroke, arteriosclerosos, atherosclerosis, congenital heart failure, and many other pathologies. Even in The 21st Century, cardiovascular disease is still... "America's #1 Killer Disease!"


The Hygienist, knowing his limitations and, living within these, possesses all the resistance needed to external influences. But the nonHygienist, when he indulges beyond his limitations, he becomes enervated, fails to eliminate the overload of Endogenous and Exogenous Toxins and develops Toxemia. When he is toxemic, he develops so-called "disease" and is ready to be humbugged by all kinds of cures. Add Toxemia to the effects of nicotine, infection from decomposing food in the stomach and intestine, overworked emotions and reproductive function; and we have the groundwork laid for many deaths from "heart failure." Tobacco is injurious to every cell in the body, and of course, to the heart. Add a lifestyle of Energy Robbing, excessive sexual pursuits in mind and action; and little else is needed to bring on death from heart disease. "Hypertension" or "high blood pressure" is listed as a cause of heart disease. It is by no means a primary cause; but it is a source of continuous extra work for a heart that is, itself, irritated and tired.


Physicians confess their entire ignorance of the cause of high blood pressure and can do nothing of value in treating Cardiac Patients with this symptom. Removing the thyroid gland, the adrenal gland, or some of the sympathetic ganglia, through spectacular surgical stunts, does not constitute "remedies for hypertension." There is always preliminary, nervous Irritation preceding high blood pressure. This causes a contraction of the blood vessels. Irritation causes the arteries to feel hard, like a whip cord at times. Overworking the emotions, using coffee, tea, tobacco, SAD food, and following a sedentary life, full of sensuality all result in Irritation of the heart and arteries, gradually resulting in endocarditis (Inflammation of the lining membrane of the heart) and endoarteritis (Inflammation of the lining membrane of the arteries) which ends, ultimately, in hardening of the arteries. In those of the gouty diathesis, there will be lime deposits in the arteries.

Those people who are going at breakneck speed enjoying the luxuries of life, as much as they can the luxuries of high-life, such as money can buy, and the luxuries of low-life, common to all, those people who are making money by driving themselves; those people who saturate their bodies with alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, and drug; those people who are grouchy, irritable, cranky all are the ones who suffer with high blood pressure. Giving drugs to cure the effects of such living and permitting The Suffering Sensualist to continue in

such a way of life, while, medically, very "scientific," is a practice of fools.

Nothing can be more easily and permanently overcome as high blood pressure with Hygienic Care. It can be accomplished by educating the man or woman, old or young, out of his or her enervating habits. They must remove The Remote Causes of Their Disease: they must provide The Hygienic Conditions for Health. They must cease burning the candle at both ends, must give up irritating habits, must learn to live properly and to maintain a state of poise. They must drop The Energy Robbers in their entirety and embrace The Energy Enhancers fully. A world of nervous Irritation is removed when The Cardiovascular Sufferer goes to bed, refrains from eating, poises his mind, and discontinues all drugs and poison vices.


The heart and its vascular system cannot be separated from the individual and treated as independent isonomies. The heart and its vascular system are an integral part of the whole organism, of the individual; and cardiovascular disease is but a part of the disease of the individual. We deal with A Sick Person, not merely with a diseased heart! We must take into our account not only the emotions of The Heart Sufferer, but all of his other mental and physical habits: he must become an Hygienist emotionally, mentally, and physically and exhibit this conversion in his habits if he is to GetWell and StayWell!


There is but one way to free yourself of the functional and organic derangements that you have built into your body with thirty to sixty years of sensuality, excesses, overstimulation, overwork, etc. And this is to abandon all of the old, Energy Robbing, disease-producing habits and to adopt new, Energy Enhancing, health-promoting habits that will provide normal materials and conditions for the revitalization of the nervous system, for correction of function, and for the repair of organs. Enervating habits establish Toxemia, and there is no possibility of getting rid of Toxemia so long as the enervating habits are continued. All treatment that is directed to stopping pain and suppressing other symptoms and that ignores cause is not only childish; but it is also disease-building. There is but one right way to help nature out of the pathological dilemma and back to good

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