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"How to GetWell & StayWell Articles" from Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Reviews

The Hygienic Care


& Your Marvelous Heart!

By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton & Edited by Victoria

"cardio" = "heart" & "vascul" = "vessels" & "ar" = "adjective"

"cardiovascular disease" = "disease of the heart & circulatory vessels"

"Cardiovascular disease" is a general term that refers to any of the heart and/or venous or arterial vessels, including the following: may include high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, stroke, arteriosclerosos, atherosclerosis, congenital heart failure, and many other pathologies. Even in The 21st Century, cardiovascular disease is still... "America's #1 Killer Disease!"


nature out of the pathological dilemma and back to good health, and this is to remove the cause of the dilemma. Creating more dilemma is a fool's method.

Unless cause is known, treating symptoms is a waste of time and invites disaster. A study of causes will prove to be more profitable than a study of symptoms. To study man's habits and the effects of these will enable us to correct his habits, after which they cease to produce their effects. Health is restored.

None of The Medicine Man's drugs are given with any idea that they will cure heart disease. Indeed, it is known that they will not. It is also known that they do not remove the cause of heart disease. They are given for palliation only. It should be known that repeated palliation is a foe of life. It becomes an added cause of Enervation and adds to the Irritation of the system in general and of the heart, in particular. Disease, a product of overworked organic functioning, is of man's own making.

A man with an impaired heart, for example, suffers no discomfort so long as his energy is abundant and his blood stream is pure. Of all people, therefore, the physiological cripple must learn to live within his limitations.

One of the chief causes of death from "heart failure" is digitalis. This powerful poison, a so-called "heart stimulant," has killed its thousands while promoted and prescribed because it appears to "support" the heart. It should be known that stimulation and Irritation are identical, pathological phenomena. "A powerful heart stimulant" only means "a powerful heart irritant." The more the heart is irritated, the more it is forced to work beyond its strength, the sooner it is exhausted. This goes, also, for strychnine, strophanthus, caffeine, nitroglycerine, and other so-called "heart stimulants." They are, one and all, damaging and deadly.

There are no cures for the auto-generated state of Toxemia and the symptoms delineated in Dr. Tilden's "Descent into Disease." Cause must be removed, after which nature restores health. Energy Enhancer #4 Adequate Rest & Sleep and Adequate Rest & Sleep only will restore Nerve Energy, but restoration of Nerve Energy can take place only after all nerve-leaks have been stopped. Physiological rest (fasting) will hasten elimination of toxins. Only after Nerve Energy has been restored and Toxemia has been eliminated, with proper feeding and exercise, can we expect, to strengthen theheart. THE END!

Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano provides a Common Health Sense answer to the following question... What causes hardening of the arteries and frequent chest pains?

Hardening of the arteries, like other diseases, has its basis in Toxemia. If a person becomes enervated (The First Stage of Disease), he soon becomes toxic (The Second Stage of Disease) and irritable (The Third Stage of Disease). If a person is toxic, a condition of chronic Inflammation (The Fourth Stage of Disease) commences in various tissues of the body, including the arteries. Chronic Inflammation causes a deposition of fibrous tissues within the walls of the artery. Fibrosis is the Induration, hardening process, The Sixth Stage of Disease.

Triglycerides and cholesterol are also deposited in the walls of large arteries as a defense process, to prevent substances floating in the blood stream from damaging the arterial walls too greatly. This process is similar to the formation of a blister. Fasting is efficacious in removing triglycerides and cholesterol (atheromatous plaques) from the walls of the arteries. It may take three or four long fasts with proper between-fast-living to withdraw fatty deposits from the arteries, but it most certainly is worth the effort! The sclerotic process is a more difficult process with which to deal. Since sclerosis is replacement of normal tissues with fibrous tissues, much of it is irreversible. Repeated fasts of long duration over a period of years tend to help reverse this pathology. The fast itself allows the body to restore its Nerve Energy so that it may then begin ridding the body of its existing state of Enervation and Toxemia. The body, thus, will initiate a lowering of the blood pressure, despite the arteriosclerosis, simply because fewer toxins in the blood stream also lower the tension of the arteries. Circulation improves to all parts of the body: symptoms of angina pectoris, chest pains, miraculously disappear!

Dr. Shelton is most correct:

We do have, indeed, each of us

"A Marvelous Heart!"

PART I: "How Can I GetWell & StayWell via Hygienic Care?" 10