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"How to GetWell & StayWell Articles" from Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Reviews

The Hygienic Care


& Your Marvelous Heart!

By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton & Edited by Victoria

"cardio" = "heart" & "vascul" = "vessels" & "ar" = "adjective"

"cardiovascular disease" = "disease of the heart & circulatory vessels"

"Cardiovascular disease" is a general term that refers to any of the heart and/or venous or arterial vessels, including the following: may include high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, stroke, arteriosclerosos, atherosclerosis, congenital heart failure, and many other pathologies. Even in The 21st Century, cardiovascular disease is still... "America's #1 Killer Disease!"


muscle, develops together with the other muscles of the body, when exercise or athletics are indulged. There is every reason to the contrary; a reverse evolution sets in and continues until health is restored. Establish and continue an enervating habit or two, and disease is inevitable.

Dr. Tilden gave it as his opinion that there is no exercise as good for the heart as running. I have long held this same view. He also recommended stair climbing. It will be recalled that former President Harding once suffered with heart disease and took up stair climbing as a means of strengthening his heart. But it would be disastrous to send A Heart Patient out to run! Mild exercise, carefully graduated to the capacity of the enfeebled heart, is often the best means of strengthening it. After it has grown stronger, more strenuous exercise may be indulged. The amount of work that some badly crippled hearts can endure is amazing! The animal body physiologically adjusts itself to all kinds of anatomical deformities and defects; and, when in full health otherwise, it suffers no discomforts because of the maladjustments. A person with a limp becomes so well adjusted to the halt that he has full comfort so long as he is well; but when his energy is low and his blood toxic, the lame leg weakens; and he becomes uncomfortable.


From this point of view, diseases have a very simple beginning and remain simple until the end, unless complicated by treatment. At the beginning, cancer is very simple. The Irritations by food drunkenness, alcohol drunkenness, tobacco drunkenness, sex drunkenness, emotional drunkenness, etc., are simple at first. From this simple beginning of Enervation, Toxemia, and Irritation, the symptomology progresses through Inflammation, Induration, Ulceration and Chronic Degeneration to their cancer ending in death. The evolution of this pathology through "The Seven Stages of Disease" is unbroken from its beginning to its ending, so that it is a unified and progressive event. Consider for a moment all 7th Stage Diseases such as the following: cancer, Bright's disease, diabetes, heart and arterial disease, nerve and brain disease, liver abscess, gall stones. All chronic, degenerative diseases are but different endings of a chain of pathological developments that had their beginning with the initial cold or acute crises of elimination in infancy!

Nature never takes advantage of us. Nature gives us warning before it brings us down in bed for an accounting. Nature provides a long sequence of

identifiable events for The Medicine Men and for the disease-treaters of all kinds to get in their work after the initiation of the pathological chain of so-called "diseases" and their final, malignant endings. If cause is removed and opportunity for rest is provided before malignancy evolves, all malignancies may be prevented. This is just one grand part of... "The Message & Promise of Natural Hygiene!"

During the time that elapses from the first feeling of languor and the first unpleasant taste in the mouth in the morning on arising and the appearance of some serious, organic disease, such as Bright's disease, diabetes, heart and arterial disease, apoplexy, cancer, etc., etc., there are a number of periods of sickness headaches, gastric disturbances (biliousness, gastritis, etc. ), constipation, diarrhea, lumbago, piles, perhaps prolapse of the rectum, slight "rheumatism," tonsillitis, quincy, soreness and ulceration of the mouth and gums, aching teeth, dizziness, slight deafness, ringing in the ears, spots before the eyes, nasal catarrh, hay fever, colds galore, and other slight affections that develop and pass without hindrance on the part of the physician, who contents himself with merely adding to The SAD Sufferer's stock of trouble by palliating his symptoms with toxic drugs and enervating treatments.


The physician does not probe "The Natural, Physiological Laws of Life" of the Hygienist's paradigm for getting well and staying well, nor does he probe the secret life of The Sufferer to find out what Laws he is breaking that have led to his breakdown. The physician knows nothing of the relationship of enervating habits to the Enervation of his Patient. He knows nothing of "The Seven Stages of Disease" and "The Descent into Disease" nor of how to show The Patient how to reverse that Descent. If The Patient is weak, largely from gluttony, The Medicine Man prescribes "plenty of good, nourishing food" and tonics. He does not require the cessation of enervating, Energy Robbing habits; and he does not demand rest and extra sleep; nor does he institute a supervised fast. His tonics produce more Enervation, and he treats this with yet other poisons.

The physicians will not tell you physiological truths. It is up to you to become self-educated. Remember this It should be always kept in mind that the absence of all causes of morbidity all Toxemia is essential to Superlative Health. A life ordered in full accord with Natural Law will preserve health, and no disease will develop. If health, happiness, and long life are not the regards of a well-ordered life, then on

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