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Also Called: "The Sensualism & Emotionalism Syndrome"

"The Physiology Opposite to The Peace that Passeth All Understanding!"

A "mass discharge" of the sympathetic nervous system takes place as a result of quantum level, fearful, angry, hostile or otherwise negatively charged thought-feelings transformed into "fearful, angry, hostile, or otherwise negatively charged neurotransmitters" that flood receptor sites of brain's neurons.


HYPOTHALAMUS releases "fearful & intense emotion neurotransmitters" PITUITARY GLAND secretes adrenocorticotrophin (ACHT) SWEAT GLANDS increase sweat output with increased muscular activity

DIGESTIVE GLANDS decrease or halt secretion of digestive enzymes and acids; mouth goes dry

PANCREAS decreases secretion of insulin LIVER increases reserves' breakdown to raise blood sugar level

ADRENAL GLANDS increase adrenaline, aldosterone & cortisol secretions

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM peristalsis & digestion are arrested or halt;

bowels relax

URINARY SYSTEM kidneys decrease urine flow, increase water retention;

urinary muscles relax


SKIN VESSELS constrict blood flow; face may go pale in extreme fright

HEART VESSELS pacemaker is stimulated & heart vessels dilate to in- crease the blood flow; cardiac muscle causes rate and strength of contraction to increase for more power

DIGESTIVE VESSELS constrict, resulting in decreased blood flow

BRAIN VESSELS constrict, resulting in decreased blood flow

VOLUNTARY MUSCLE VESSELS receive increased nervous stimulation & dilate to accommodate for more power by receiving increased blood flow; muscle power increases greatly

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM involuntary muscles dilate to accommodate more air

SKIN SYSTEM involuntary muscles contract to "goose bumps" or "chills"

EYES involuntary muscles cause pupils to dilate

BRAIN muscle constriction may cause a tightness & headache in some. Others may experience increased mental activity, pleasure, heightened awareness, a "rush" or an "euphoric high" as the brain is stimulated with "intense neurotransmitters" and pain-killing, pleasure-inducing endorphins and enkephalins. Still others may experience trembling fear and paranoia!

IMMUNE SYSTEM momentarily increases in efficiency to ready for trauma; net effect is immunosuppression with chronic activation.

An increased rate of cellular metabolism throughout the body known as "catabolism" results in increased, toxic matabolites for the mind-body to eliminate and in an overall enervating effect on you! Practice The Fight or Flight Response at your own risk!

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