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"How to GetWell & StayWell Articles" from Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Reviews

The Hygienic Care


& Your Marvelous Heart!

By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton & Edited by Victoria

"cardio" = "heart" & "vascul" = "vessels" & "ar" = "adjective"

"cardiovascular disease" = "disease of the heart & circulatory vessels"

"Cardiovascular disease" is a general term that refers to any of the heart and/or venous or arterial vessels, including the following: may include high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, stroke, arteriosclerosos, atherosclerosis, congenital heart failure, and many other pathologies. Even in The 21st Century, cardiovascular disease is still... "America's #1 Killer Disease!"


The heart is "A Marvelous Organ" of tremendous power and endurance! The work of which it is capable in a lifetime is stupendous! The average heart beats, or pulsates, about 40,000 times a year. In fifty years, it contracts and expands about 2,000,000,000 times. The more active the body, the more intense the emotions, the greater the local and general Irritation, in a diseased state, the harder the heart works. In repose and during a day of fasting, the heart can be saved 20,000 to 30,000 beats in twenty-four hours. The difference between seventy and eighty beats a minute is nearly 15,000 beats in twenty-four hours. This is quite a saving of energy and wear and tear. What a wonderful opportunity for repair is provided for the diseased heart, when The Cardiac Sufferer takes a real rest not merely a rest from physical activity, but rest from emotionalism, rest from mental work, rest from sensory excitation, rest from drug Irritation, and rest from eating and the frequent practice of accompanied gluttony at the same time!

In spite of apparently limitless energy, the heart has limitations which we do well to respect. The increasing incidence of heart disease and the growing rate of death from heart disease should cause us to pause and reflect and to institute changes that will save the heart much of its burden of unnecessary labor.



The increasing incidence of cardiovascular disease and the steadily mounting death rate from the many forms of heart disease are cause of growing concern. The conventional Medicine Men are agreed that heart disease is "The Nation's Greatest Killer," with cancer and diabetes the "#2" and "#3 Killer Diseases." The high incidence of death among physicians from heart and circulatory disease, in comparison with other causes, is sufficient to reveal that they know nothing of the cause of heart disease; hence, they can do nothing for The Heart Disease Sufferer, anymore than they can do anything constructive for themselves. Let us not look to conventional medical treatment for help, unless in dire emergency and the heart has stopped; perhaps the Medicine Men can get it going again.


Much heart disease is blamed on athletics. Most heart specialists of today, however, have reached the conclusion, arrived at by Hygienists more than eighty years ago, that the "athletic heart" is a myth. The large hearts seen in marathon runners and racing crews are no more diseased hearts than are the large arms of the blacksmith or the weight lifter. The heart, being a

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