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"How to GetWell & StayWell Articles" from Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Reviews

The Hygienic Care


& Your Marvelous Heart!

By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton & Edited by Victoria

"cardio" = "heart" & "vascul" = "vessels" & "ar" = "adjective"

"cardiovascular disease" = "disease of the heart & circulatory vessels"

"Cardiovascular disease" is a general term that refers to any of the heart and/or venous or arterial vessels, including the following: may include high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, stroke, arteriosclerosos, atherosclerosis, congenital heart failure, and many other pathologies. Even in The 21st Century, cardiovascular disease is still... "America's #1 Killer Disease!"


life are not the regards of a well-ordered life, then on with the dance of perdition; for chaos is at the helm; and nothing matters but the dance unto death!

The High Cost of Sensualism! Sensualism is the most common cause of Enervation. What do we mean by "sensualism"? We mean making the enjoyment of the pleasures of the senses, a lifestyle of hedonism, the chief end and aim of life and continually enjoying these beyond our physiological limitations. Abusing any of the pleasures of the senses every one of them normal and wholesome pleasures of life in prudent moderation brings on Enervation, The First Stage of Disease. We must learn to stay within our limitations in our enjoyments of life. Enervation is developed in those who permit sensuality to destroy self-control and in those who permit ambition to warp their lives. It is stupid to believe that nature puts no limits on enjoyment overindulgence grows out of such stupidity, and overindulgence weakens and destroys.

Toxemia, The Second Stage of Disease, follows on the heels of Enervation and presupposes sensual indulgence exceeding the powers of digestion, assimilation, and elimination. Nature registers our deviations from the paths of physiological and biological rectitude into our own organisms at the cellular level! She is a very exact bookkeeper. Nothing escapes her accounting. The eater, like the drinker or the all-around sensualist, can do as he likes until he cannot do it, anymore. But sensualists are unable to believe that life is worth living in the slower lanes, in the absence of life-destroying habits. And still others, in their arrogance, believe that they are beyond the law, that disease will never happen to them, perhaps even, that they are immortal!

Virtually all the people who are, either directly or indirectly, under the care of conventional, medical physicians, are either ignorant... or they are sensualists. They eat and drink as they please, for regular medicine has taught the world for ages, and still does, that eating and drinking have nothing to do with disease. They drink alcohols, if they can afford them, only "the best" liquors and smoke only "the best" cigars; for this is what the medical profession teaches them that they may do, "in moderation," of course. They indulge in "moderation," as the profession tells them to smoke and drink "moderately," although it never supplies them with a valid standard of their prescribed "moderation." They indulge in sex as excessively as their abilities will permit, physical exhaustion being the only known limit to capacity; for they are taught that sexual excess is an

impossibility. Soft drinks, coffee, tea, tobacco, and other forms of sense indulgence are as common as overeating. When this physician-encouraged sensualism becomes their demise and they take "The Descent into Disease," the physicians poison The Sensualist Sufferers with drugs in an attempt "to cure" them of the effects of their overindulgence and their stimulant habits, without requiring them to give up a single one of their enervating practices!

Sensualists are food drunkards. They eat at all times of the day and night for the sheer joy of eating and not because they are hungry or need food. A desire that causes one to buy a pound of chocolates and eat them is as much a form of drunkenness as the desire that causes one to buy a pint of whiskey and drink it. Sensualism in each of its forms is really an addiction, like a drug addiction. The addict to thrills or to soap operas is as truly an addict as the morphine addict.

It is well known that most physicians speed up their own lagging energies with coffee, assuage their nerves with the seductive wiles of Lady Nicotine, often resort to alcoholic stimulants or to seductive drugs, are notoriously haphazard and imprudent in their eating habits, and tend to overeat. They have frequent luncheons and parties, at which beer and stronger drinks flow freely. They are, as a rule, as sensual as their patients! For the sensualist, sixty is old. Indeed, he is so old at this age, if he reaches it, that Osler advised... "Chloroform him and put him out of his misery!"


Psychologists, psychiatrists, psychosomatic physicians, and their like, have begun to recognize the role of the emotions in the production of disease, although they are far from a full understanding of how these do their work. The Medical Men have been forced to recognize the mind by the growth of new thought, new scientific data, new research in health and nutrition; otherwise, they would all still be depending altogether on poisons and knives and saws in their treatment of patients.

Some of The Medicine Men have rightly observed that the emotions are often to blame for heart disease. Indeed, it has been observed that many so-called "cases of heart disease" are only emotionally conditioned symptom-complexes, wholly subjective, with no organic heart disease present at all. The symptoms only mimic symptoms of true heart disease. Such conditions may be due to the following: fear, anxiety, frustration, and worry, in any of the many forms "the dark side" manifests: situtations that evoke "dark side

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