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American Macrobiotic Cuisine · $13.oo · 110 pages · Meredith McCarty · paperback · Here is a blend of the traditional, cultural wisdom of the East and the culinary influences of the French, Greeks, Chinese, Mexicans, Native Americans, Japanese, and more.

The Art of Tofu · Akasha Richmond · $11.oo · 88 pages · paperback · Choose from 50 celebrated tofu recipes from around the world.

Asian Vegetarian Feast · Ken Horn · $15.oo · 222 pages · paperback · Take your palate and olfactory nerves on a tour of the vegetarian specialties of Thailand, China, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia via the aromatic, texture-rich world of Asian ingredients and cooking techniques.

Bean Banquets: from Boston to Bombay · Oatrucua Gregory $13.oo · 238 pages · paperback · Beans are a legume and a great True Transition food on The Natural Hygiene Diet! And they are so inexpensive and so versatile! This classic bean cookbook is the first of several in this "BookList" and is cited in The New York Times 200 recipes, plus expert tips on bean preparation for easier digestion.

The Best 125 Meatless, Italian Dishes · Mindy Toomay · $15.oo · 335 pages · paperback · Enjoy flavorful and satisfying tastes of Old World Italy, modified to deliver much less fat with all the taste.

The Best 125 Meatless, Main Dishes · Mindy Toomay · $16.oo · 375 pages · paperback · Further enjoy dishes from around the world that do not sacrifice flavor for health.

The Best 125 Meatless, Mediterranean Dishes · Mindy Toomay · $16.oo · 306 pages · paperback · And even further enjoy a collection of healthful recipes capturing the simple, varied, and utterly delicious freshness of the romantic Mediterranean.

Charmaine Solomon's Complete Vegetarian Cookbook · C. Solomon · $35.oo · 470 pages · hardcover · Here are over 600 delicious recipes from all


over the world, including India, the Middle East, and the West. The book is huge, hardcovered, and beautifully illustrated with color photos.

Chili! Mouth-Watering, Meatless Recipes · Robert Oser · $13.oo · 128 pages · paperback · Chili Lovers, REJOICE! Take an enthusiastic exploration of meatless, American chili bringing you vegetarian-style chili dishes from around the world.

Chinese, Vegetarian Cookery · Jack Santa-Maria · $13.oo · 158 pages · paperback · Forget ordering Chinese take-out and enjoy a wonderful collection of over 200 recipes from all regions of China.

Claire's Italian Feast · C. Criscuolo · $14.oo · 225 pages · paperback · Celebrate the rich, zesty flavors of Southern Italian Cuisine with these 165 original recipes that represent classic, Italian feasting!

The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook · Jack Bishop · $35.oo · 568 pages · hardcover · This is a grand collection of 350 of the best, Italian, vegetarian recipes to be found, presented in a book beautiful enough for a gift!

Cookin' Southern, Vegetarian Style · Ann Jackson · $13.oo · 176 pages · paperback · Take a trip "down-home," and combine the nostalgic, Southern cuisine with the benefits of healthful eating in these recipes of standard and original favorites.

Delicious Jamaica · Yvonne Sobers · $12.oo · 160 pages · paperback · Here is an amazing array of tempting dishes as lively as the flavorful land of Jamaica, itself!

Flavors of India · Shanta Sacharoff · $13.oo · 192 pages · paperback · This recipe book offers authentic, Hindu cuisine from a life-long vegetarian, born in northwest India.

Flavors of Korea · Deborah Davis · $13.oo · 192 pages · paperback · Find here recipes that have been handed down through generations of Korean cooks and adapted for meatless eating with creative substitutions for animal flesh.

Flavors of The Southwest · Robert Oser · $13.oo · 191 pages · paperback · This collection represents the unique, regional cuisine of The Southwest U.S. and substitutes vegetarian foods for the traditional, cowboy's meaty dishes! BK34


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