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French Vegetarian Cooking · Paola Gavin · $15.oo · 325 pages · paperback · This book presents over 200 recipes, divided according to the different regions of France.

From A Traditional, Greek Kitchen · Aphrodite Polemis · $13.oo · 191 pages · paperback · Delight in a complete collection of Greek, vegetarian recipes, with all the romance and flavor of The Old World!

From The Global Kitchen · Plenty International · $12.oo · 122 pages · paperback · Peoples from around the globe offer a sampling of international, culturally unique recipes and incorporate the world's most versatile, high-protein legume the soybean into many of the dishes.

From The Tables of Lebanon · Dalal Holmin · $13.oo · 176 pages · paperback · The chef takes the healthful benefits of Lebanese Cuisine into a vegetarian format.

Gary Null's International, Vegetarian Cookbook · $16.oo · 244 pages · paperback · Here are more than 300 recipes from around the world!

Good Time Eatin' in Cajun Country · Donna Simon · $16.oo · 100 pages · paperback · Here are over 90 mouth-watering recipes made with CAJUN FLAIR!

Gourmet Vegetarian Feasts · Martha Shulman · $11.oo · 192 pages · paperback · Here is an international selection of appetizing recipes for all occasions and all made with gourmet artistry!

The Greek Vegetarian · Diane Kochilas · $16.oo · 192 pages · paperback · Here are more than 100 recipes inspired by Greece and its traditional dishes and their flavors.

Greek Vegetarian Cooking · Alkmini Chaitow · $11.oo · 128 pages · paperback · Here are colorful dishes from the eastern shores of The Mediterranean, as well as tips for the proper presentation and balance for which the Greek cuisine is famed.


High Energy Living · Kim Le · $17.oo · 262 pages · paperback · Here are more than 150 recipes from The Orient, plus adjunct self-care treatments for asthma, cancer, allergies, joint problems, diabetes.

The Indian Vegetarian · Neelam Batra · $19.oo · 389 pages · paperback · Here are recipes from India's wide-ranging cuisine, prepared for The American Kitchen.

Indian Vegetarian Cooking at Your House · Sunetra Humbad · $13.oo · 191 pages · paperback · Here are recipes that invite you to enjoy the unusual combinations of familiar foods and spices that make authentic, vegetarian, Indian cuisine so delicious!

Indian Vegetarian Cooking from an American Kitchen · Vasantha Prasad · $18.oo · 249 pages · paperback · Here is a collection of recipes, appetizers, soups, salads, entreés, and more from India, but with Americans in mind.

Japanese Cooking: Contemporary & Traditional · Miyoko Nishimoto · $13.oo · 174 pages · paperback · Here are the traditional dishes and regional specialties, utilizing the foundation of Japanese cuisine simplicity and purity.

Japanese Vegetarian Cooking · Patricia Richfield · $15.oo · 176 pages · paperback · Here are more than 100 recipes, with easy-to-follow directions and information on techniques, as well as a glossary of Japanese ingredients and utensils.

Jewish Vegetarian Cooking · Rose Friedman · $13.oo · 192 pages · paperback · Here are delicious recipes with cultural influences from all over the Jewish world. This is the official cookbook of the International Jewish Vegetarian Society.

Jump Up & Kiss Me · Jennifer Thompson · $20.oo · 352 pages · paperback · Here are nearly 300 recipes for spicy, vegetarian food from around the world from drinks to breads to entreés, and more.

Laxmi's Vegetarian Kitchen · Laxmi Hiremath · $19.oo · 256 pages · paperback · Here are more than 200 simple, healthful recipes some traditional, some original from India's great, vegetarian tables!


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