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New Vegetarian Cuisine · Linda Rosenweig · $15.oo · 376 pages · paperback · "If you are thinking of going vegetarian or if you just want a great collection of low-fat, meatless recipes, New Vegetarian Cuisine is one of the best!" says Editors of the Vegetarian Gourmet.

The New Vegetarian Epicure · Anna Thomas · $19.oo · 449 pages · paperback · Here are 325 all-new recipes, plus 66 full menus geared to busy, health-conscious families who are drawn to good, fresh foods and lighter fare.

Nikki & David Goldbeck's American Wholefoods Cuisine · $14.oo · 580 pages · paperback · This book is a HUGE BARGAIN with 1,300 delectable recipes! "The quintessential cookbook that is destined to become a classic" reports the Vegetarian Times magazine.

The No-Tofu Vegetarian Cookbook · Sharon Claessens · $17.oo · 255 pages · paperback · Select from over 200 down-to-earth, delicious recipes, without the addition of tofu, seaweed, or other exotic ingredients.

The Oats, Peas, Beans & Barley Cookbook · Edyth Cottrell · $13.oo · 267 pages · paperback · This book has been carried by groups in The Natural Hygiene Movement, I recall! With focus on whole grains, classic, full-menu, vegetarian recipes, these 450 offer balanced nutrition with natural foods.

The Occasional Vegetarian · Karen Porter · $16.oo · 272 pages · paperback · Here are more than 200 hearty dishes to satisfy both full and part-time vegetarians.

The One-Dish Vegetarian · Maria Robbins · $15.oo · 182 pages · paperback · Eat your entire, well-balanced meal in just one dish! The recipes celebrate whole grains, fresh veggies, and special ingredients to spice them up.

Pasta Verde · Judith Barrett · $17.oo · 276 pages · paperback · If you are still hooked on pasta, this is the book! More than 140 recipes for pasta sauces, pasta soups, pasta salads, and pasta baked are for


you! Classic Italian recipes are featured, as well.

The Peaceful Cookbook · Harriet Kofalk · $9.oo · 159 pages · paperback · This loving and inexpensive book stresses the use of seasonal, organic ingredients and includes delicious entreé and dessert combinations for easy menu planning.

Pretend Soup & Other Real Recipes · Mollie Katzen · $17.oo · 95 pages · hardcover · UNIQUE! This cookbook for pre-schoolers and youngsters is designed to inspire an early appreciation for creative, wholesome, veggie-food! Delightful!

Quick Vegetarian Pleasures · Jeanne Lemlin · $17.oo · 250 pages · paperback · Here is a practical piece of work. These more than 175 recipes are FAST and EASY and organized by the course from appetizer to dessert.

The Rancho La Puerta Cookbook · Bill Wavrin· $20.oo · 270 pages · paperback · From the famous resort for "The Beautiful People!" 175 gourmet recipes (from the fitness spa most of us cannot afford to attend) are offered up! The zesty flavors of The Southwest and Mexico spice up these recipes.

The Really Whole Food Cookbook · Dan Jason · $17.oo · 214 pages · paperback · The emphasis in on "WHOLE FOODS." The book offers more than 200 low-fat, nutrient-rich recipes, along with fascinating facts about eating plant-based proteins for our sustainable future.

Roots: A Vegetarian Bounty · Kathleen Mayes · $15.oo · 208 pages · paperback · Another Unique book! It features "The Underground Vegetables" and offers a new appreciation for the root veggies! 120 vegetarian recipes for the full menu, from appetizers to delicious desserts! Nothing like it!

The Shitake Way · Jennifer Snyder · $10.oo · 128 pages · paperback · This book offers a collection of vegetarian recipes just for The Mushroom Lovers of The World!

Simple Food for The Good Life · Helen Nearing · $12.oo · 309 pages · paperback · Helen Nearing and her husband lived long as Natural Hygienists, often in The Wilderness, with rugged accommodations. And they often wrote for The Natural Hygiene Movement. A grand collection of quips, quotes, and one-of-a-kind recipes from these Old Timers!


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