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Student's Vegetarian Cookbook · Carole Raymond · $12.oo · 247 pages · paperback · Most students want their meals quick, easy, cheap, and tasty! This book caters to these students with 135 such recipes.

Tasty Bytes Cookbook · Cynthia Holzaphel · $10.oo · 143 pages · paperback · A Totally Unique Book! It offers "The Best of The Internet Vegetarian Recipes," plus information on what's available for vegetarians on each of the "big 4" online services.

Tofu Quick & Easy · Louise Hagler · $10.oo · 96 pages · paperback · This is one of the very first tofu cookbooks, with all recipes taking less than 30 minutes to prepare.

Traditional Vegetarian Cooking · David Canter · $12.oo · 204 pages · paperback · Europe's famous Crank's Restaurant is featured in this book with 300 of their most popular recipes.

VEGETARIANA · Nava Atlas · $16.oo · 234 pages · paperback · Books are considered part of the Entertainment Industry, and VEGETARIANA is entertaining with wit, folk wisdom, botanical lore, and literary anecdotes, all creating even more appreciation in the 230 tasty recipes therein.

Vegetarian Burgers · Bharti Kirchner · $13.oo · 133 pages · paperback · Hate to give up your hamburgers? Try classic "veggie burgers." Pick from 50 creative ideas that represent a wide range of exciting flavors, textures, and ingredients. These are low-fat, no-cholesterol "no-ham-burgers."

Vegetarian Celebrations · Nava Atlas · $16.oo · 276 pages · paperback · Select from more than 250 low-fat recipes and festive menus for holidays and your special occasion moments.

The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook · Robin Robertson · $11.oo · 160 pages · paperback · "Chili Lovers, Come One & All!" Try any one of 80 deliciously different bowls from mild concoctions to feisty



Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone: 1,400 Recipes · Deborah Madison · $40.oo · 742 pages · hardcover · This is one of the most comprehensive cookbooks ever made available to The Health Seeker! Find here 1,400 recipes from appetizers to desserts and all the snack ideas in-between!

Vegetarian Express · Nava Atlas · $16.oo · 212 pages · paperback · For people on-the-go, here are more than 70 complete, nutritious menus, all ready to eat in less than half an hour.

Vegetarian Express Lane Cookbook · Sarah Fritschner · $16.oo · 223 pages · paperback · If you are looking for complete, vegetarian meals to serve your friends and family, here are more than 100 all containing 10 items or less.

Vegetarian Fast Food · Rose Elliot · $19.oo · 144 pages · paperback · Break The SAD Food, Fast Food Habit with over 200 delicious recipes that can each be made in less than 30 minutes. Fast but not SAD!

The Vegetarian Gourmet · Dagmar von Cramm · $25.oo · 238 pages · paperback · Lavishly illustrated, full-color photos showcase over 350 recipes in this book. And complete, nutritional information and expected preparation time are also presented.

Vegetarian Gourmet Cookery · Alan Hooker · $12.oo · 191 pages · paperback · Recipes for "The Rich & Famous!" The pricey and world-renowned Ranch House Restaurant in Ojai, California, reveals recipes for over 600 dishes to us everyday folks!

The Vegetarian Grill · Alan Hooker · $15.oo · 191 pages · paperback · UNIQUE! For flame-kissed meals, from simple side dishes and salads to hearty burgers, burritos, pastas, and more these 200 recipes will add creativity to your grilling pleasures!

The Vegetarian Hearth · Darra Goldstein · $26.oo · 316 pages · hardcover · If you are a Health Seeker who revels in short days and long nights, and in the crispy fall and frosty winter, these recipes you will love! They reflect the seasons for cooler and colder weather, as well as insight into the winter lore and wisdom of different cultures. UNIQUE!


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