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may contain animal products

such as eggs, dairy, honey...

The 15-Minute Vegetarian Gourmet · Paulette Mitchell · $11.oo · 286 pages · paperback · Here are more than 100 very quick, very tasty, very healthy dishes made in 15 minutes!

30 Low-Fat, Vegetarian Meals in 30 Minutes · Faye Levy · $12.oo · 166 pages · paperback · Here are 100 low-fat, low-cost, fast-fixing, and boldly seasoned, vegetarian dishes.

375 Meatless Recipes · Ethel Nelson, M.D. · $8.oo · 164 pages · paperback · The recipes are calorie-counted, tasty, nutritious, and economical. 16 pages of nutritional facts are provided, as well.

1,000 Vegetarian Recipes · Carol Gelles · $30.oo · 598 pages · hardcover · They say people eat the same 10 or so meals over and over, again, with the odd menu thrown in only occasionally. Imagine having 1,000 recipes from which to choose for your meals! These recipes are all coded, indicating whether they contain eggs and/or dairy products. Menu suggestions for every taste are provide: Chinese, French, Mexican, Indian, American, and more!

The All-Natural, Allergy Cookbook · Jeanne Martin · $13.oo · 200 pages · paperback · For The Health Seeker who needs to be allergy-free and who, therefore, needs a dairy-free and gluten-free foodfare, here are more than 250 recipes.

American Harvest · Nava Atlas · $12.oo · 191 pages · paperback · With sumptuous, regional recipes from America's varied, cultural and culinary history, this book will renew your taste buds while you tour The U.S.A.!

Arrowhead Mills Cookbook · Vicki Chelf · $15.oo · 278 pages · paperback · With emphasis on Arrowhead Mills tradition, this book presents a complete variety of natural fare from breakfast to


dinner and from appetizers to desserts.

Babe's Country Cookbook · Dewey Gram · $20.oo · 144 pages · paperback · Babe an alive and well pig stars in her touching movie of the same name and promotes the vegetarian diet. Great movie for kids, in your video store! Now, her irresistible, porcine charm brings the best of country cooking into the kitchen with of her 80 meat-free recipes!

Bean Cuisine · Janet Horsley · $8.oo · 89 pages · paperback · Here is another practical, inexpensive book for preparing the practical, inexpensive bean! The book is a comprehensive guide and reference to the cooking and preparing of beans and pulses.

The Be Healthier, Feel Stronger Vegetarian Cookbook · Susan Kleiner · $15.oo · 242 pages · paperback · Here are 150 high-carbohydrate, low-fat recipes created with the purpose of enhancing the strong, healthy lifestyle and giving Health Seekers a competitive edge! For the sports-minded!

The Best 125 Meatless Pasta Dishes · Susann Hadler · $16.oo · 318 pages · paperback · If... "It's gotta be pasta!" here's the book, filled with pasta sauces, pasta salads, pasta soups, and pasta casseroles. YUM!

Beyond The Moon Cookbook · Ginny Callan · $18.oo · 332 pages · paperback · This book is a sequel to the classic Horn of the Moon Cookbook and holds 250 new, satisfying recipes from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Special, tasty desserts included!

Boutique Bean Pot · Kathleen Mayes · $13.oo · 208 pages · paperback · The bean is a "legume" and considered a valid "True Transition Food" in The Natural Hygiene Diet. These 70 delicious and low-cost recipe ideas, of course, "dress the bean up" beyond what Hygienists would do. But the book is a wonderful place to start to move toward Hygiene. Color photos set off the recipes with enticement!

Burgers 'n Fries 'n Cinnamon Buns · Bobbie Hinman · $7.oo · 77 pages · paperback · The title sounds too good to be true! But if you want recipes featuring meatless burgers and egg-free versions of other popular fast food favorites and desserts that you can make at home, this book fills your bill!


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