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Claire's Classic American Vegetarian Cooking · Claire Criscuolo · $25.oo · 303 pages · hardcover · Down-Home Cooking! Claire discloses 225 homestyle recipes all reflecting America's favorite, ethnic, and regional cooking secrets.

Claire's Corner Copia Cookbook · Claire Criscuolo · $16.oo · 273 pages · paperback · Claire shares her recipes for hearty breakfasts, soup and salad lunches, and magnificently versatile ideas for dinners.

The Complete Soy Cookbook · Paulette Mitchell · $18.oo · 270 pages · paperback · The versatile, inexpensive, and strong-protein soybean stars in this recipe book with 170 recipes. Although a transition food in The Natural Hygiene Diet, soy has many health and economical advantages for those of you coming off The Meat-Based, SAD Diet and moving toward The Natural Hygiene Diet.

The Complete Vegetarian Cuisine · Rose Elliot · $30.oo · 352 pages · paperback · A special book is this: you receive more than 300 recipes, all illustrated with stunning, full-color photography and instructional drawings.

Cooking Vegetarian The Lazy Way · Barbara Grunes · $13.oo · 272 pages · paperback · With such a catchy title, this book proposes hassle-free tricks to alter your diet without aggravation and reveals how to make mouth-watering meals in moments!

Cooking with the Right Side of the Brain · Vicki Chelf · $17.oo · 283 pages · paperback · You receive herein the benefit of 10 years of teaching FUN natural foods cooking classes in the form of over 500 favored recipes! A bargain for the price!

Famous Vegetarians & Their Favorite Recipes · Rynn Berry · $16.oo · 272 pages · paperback · This book also goes in the history section of the foregoing "BookList"! You will study the lives and philosophies of famous vegetarians through the ages, including Plato, Tolstoy, and Ghandi, to name a few. And you may then prepare more than 70 of


their favorite recipes. An intriguing book!

Fields of Greens · Annie Somerville · $30.oo · 437 pages · hardcover · This presents nearly 300 celebrated recipes from the thriving Greens Restaurant recipes and reflecting a light, lean, simple cuisine.

Follow Your Heart's Vegetarian Soup Cookbook · Janice Migliaccio · $8.oo · 127 pages · paperback · Sometimes, we just want a hot bowl of soup! Now you may select from more than 50 heart-warming soup recipes from a famous restaurant menu in California.

For the Love of Food · Jeanne Martin · $25.oo · 445 pages · hardcover · The author gives you a guided tour through the healthful and delicious world of vegetarian cuisine the complete natural foods cookbook.

Garden Cuisine · Paul Wenner · $14.oo · 367 pages · paperback · This book gives you more than 150 delicious recipes, focusing on "fresh from the garden" ingredients.

Garden of Earthly Delights Cookbook · Shea MacKenzie · $15.oo · 480 pages · paperback · Gourmet fare, at its best, has traditionally been high-fat and high-sugar and anything goes in ingredients all in the name of "taste." This book counteracts this mainstream flow with gourmet delights: low in fat, low in sugar, and natural in ingredients.

The Good Breakfast Book · Nikki Goldbeck · $40.oo · 200 pages · paperback · Eat a hearty breakfast! Choose from wholefoods recipes: 485 in number! WOW!

Granola Madness · Donna Wallstin · $11.oo · 109 pages · paperback · Captain HighJoy America! my equine companion would love all of these recipes! If you are still using grains on the way to The Natural Hygiene Diet, go mad with these more than 60 mouth-watering recipes. Bring this old-time breakfast, snack, hiker's and horsey favorite into the New Millennium! Go Granola!


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