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The Spice Box Vegetarian Indian Cookbook · Manju Singh · $11.oo · 221 pages · paperback · Here is a firecrakcer collection of recipes, well-suited to The Adventurous Vegetarian who wants to set his taste buds on mild to hot fire!

The Spice of Vegetarian Cooking · Martha Shulman · $11.oo · 196 pages · paperback · Here are ethnic recipes from India, China, Mexico, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

A Taste of Mexico · Kippy Nigh · $14.oo · 224 pages · paperback · Here is a guide to preparing delicious, highly nutritious, yet authentic, Mexican, vegetarian dishes.

Vegetarian Dinner in Minutes · L. Gassenheimer · $17.oo · 143 pages · paperback · Here are low-fat recipes inspired by flavors from around the world: from The Mediterranean and Chinese to The Cajun and Caribbean.

Vegetarian Dishes from around The World · Rose Elliot · $16.oo · 294 pages · paperback · Here are over 250 delectable dishes from the best of traditional, vegetarian cooking: representing Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia.

Vegetarian Rice Cuisine · Jay Solomon · $15.oo · 286 pages · paperback · Here you can discover new ways to cook and enjoy rice, based on cooking traditions from around the world.

Vegetarian Soup Cuisine · Jay Solomon · $15.oo · 266 pages · paperback · Here are 125 soups and stews prepared by chefs from many nations.

The Vegetarian Table: America · Deborah Madison · $23.oo · 143 pages ·hardcover · Here are over 75 recipes: soups, salads, side dishes, entreés, and desserts that have made America great!

The Vegetarian Table: France · G. Brennan · $23.oo · 143 pages · hardcover · Here is a fabulous array of more than 80 spice-laden, traditional, Indian dishes, plus tips for stocking an Indian pantry.

The Vegetarian Table: Italy · Julia Croce · $23.oo · 167 pages · hardcover · Here are over 80 healthwise recipes based on a wide variety of flavorful ingredients, recipes that reflect traditional, Italian flair at its best!


The Vegetarian Table: Japan · Victoria Wise · $25.oo · 132 pages · hardcover · Here you are invited to explore the long-standing tradition of vegetarian cooking in Japan, offering classical recipes, as well as brand-new recipes from your author.

The Vegetarian Table: Mexico · Victoria Wise · $23.oo · 156 pages · hardcover · Here are 80 marvelously Mexican recipes, all made with fresh, authentic ingredients and with your health at heart.

The Vegetarian Table: North Africa · Kitty Morse · $23.oo · 168 pages · hardcover · Here are more than 80 recipes, distinctly North African in flavor.

The Vegetarian Table: Thailand · Jack Passmore · $25.oo · 160 pages · hardcover · Here are more than 80 recipes, distinctly Thai in flavor.

Vegetarian Times Low Fat & Fast Asian · $16.oo · 203 pages · paperback · Here are authentic, exotic, Asia dishes that are low in fat and that take less than 30 minutes to prepare.

Vegetarian Times Low Fat & Fast Mexican · $16.oo · 166 pages · paperback · Here is a cookbook with your favorite Mexican dishes, made in minutes but made without the fat!



no animal foods, whatsoever!

20 Minutes to Dinner · Bryanna Grogan · $13.oo · 192 pages · paperback · Get in and out of the kitchen fast with these quick, VEGAN dishes!

150 Vegan Favorites · Jay Solomon · $14.oo · 239 pages · paperback · Explore "The Taste Bud Exploding Possibilities" of cooking with fresh herbs, spicy chilies, and fragrant spices with these firecracker VEGAN favorites!

Absolutely Vegetarian · Lorine Tadej · $9.oo · 160 pages · paperback · Start with this complete guide to maintaining a strict,VEGAN lifestyle with more than 200 recipes.

The Almost No Fat Cookbook · Bryanna Grogan · $13.oo · 192 pages · paperback · No doubt about it fat adds flavor! But here are dozens of VEGAN


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