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recipes for conquering your family's resistance to healthy, low-fat eating because the flavor is still there!

The Almost No Fat Holiday Cookbook · Bryanna Grogan · $13.oo · 191 pages · paperback · Author of the above described VEGAN book, Grogan now applies her "high-flavor, no-fat alchemy" to holiday menus throughout the year!

Amazing Grains · Joanne Saltzman · $13.oo · 202 pages · paperback · Still eating grains? Here is a collection of low-fat, high-fiber, cholesterol-free, ecology-concerned recipes, tasty and nutritious main dishes that employ whole grains and veggies.

Angel Foods · Cherie Soria · $18.oo · 229 pages · paperback · Are you An Angel Lover? This book is a work of art as it displays a cornucopia of exciting and adventuresome foods, including a wide variety of both cooked and uncooked, low-fat recipes all delightfully filled with angelic art!

CalciYUM · David Bronfman · $20.oo · 192 pages · paperback · Over 120 calcium-rich recipes, exclusively VEGAN. Appetizers to main courses to desserts are yours!

A Celebration of Wellness · Natalie Cederquist · $17.oo · 307 pages · paperback · Celebrate The VEGAN Diet with 300 healthy-heart recipes!

The Cleanse Cookbook · Christine Dreher · $16.oo · 204 pages · paperback · This is a book with a theme: "DETOXIFY& CLEANSE!" Partake of recipes prepared with bodily purification in mind and restoration of a healthy acid/alkaline balance.

The Compassionate Cookbook · People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals · $12.oo · 244 pages · paperback · A fun book! With more than 200 delicious, VEGAN recipes, including some favorites from celebrities, yours for the choosing!

Conveniently Vegan · Debra Wasserman · $15.oo · 208 pages · paperback · The emphasis is on using fresh fruits and vegetables with these 150 "convenient & VEGAN recipes!"

The Convenient Vegetarian · Virginia Messina · $14.oo · 184 pages · paperback · The book's premise is: "It should not be difficult to go VEGAN:


it should be convenient!" Start your meat-free diet with easy recipes, including tips on equipping your kitchen and stocking your pantry.

The Cookbook for People Who Love Animals · Gentle World Community · $10.oo · 286 pages · paperback · This book features over 300 VEGAN recipes, for the beginner, as well as for the gourmet!

Cooking with PETA: People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals · $15.oo · 223 pages · paperback · This Animal Lovers group shares more than 200 recipes, plus tips on creating healthful, VEGAN foods that kids will actually demand!

Cookin' Healthy with One Foot Out the Door · Polly Pitchford · $9.oo · 160 pages · paperback · In a hurry? Grab 1 of these over 130 recipes quick meals for fast times. The dishes are mouth-watering, and most are ready in less than 15 minutes!

Country Kitchen Collection · Phil Brewer · $12.oo · 281 pages · paperback · From the Silver Hills Guest House in British Columbia, here is a collection of their recipe finest!

Country Life Vegetarian Cookbook · Diana Fleming · $12.oo · 188 pages · paperback · From the kitchens of the Country Life vegetarian restaurant, here is a collection of their most popular.

Delicious Food for a Healthy Heart · Joanne Stepaniak · $13.oo · 172 pages · paperback · Here are recipes for all Health Seekers but recipes also catering to those with cardio-concerns. The book presents a life-saving meal plan using quick-to-make recipes that are user friendly to your cardiovascular system!

A Diet for All Reasons · Paulette Eisen · $13.oo · 161 pages · paperback · Choose from over 200 delightful, delectable recipes that emphasize taste, texture, speed, and practicality.

Easy Vegan Cooking · Leah Leneman · $13.oo · 212 pages · paperback · Make it FUN and EASY! Here are recipes for soups, salads, main courses, and side dishes, using readily available ingredients.

Eat for Strength Recipe Book · The Eat for Strength Crew · $9.oo · 225 pages · paperback · The book is a bargain for its price and includes


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