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Lean Bean Cuisine · Jay Solomon · $13.oo · 248 pages · paperback · Here are over 100 tasty bean recipes from around the globe: recipes for bean soups, bean salads, bean side dishes, and bean entreés!

The Lowfat Jewish Vegetarian Cookbook · Debra Wasserman · $15.oo · 224 pages · paperback · Here are over 150 international, VEGAN recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, including 33 Passover dishes.

Low Fat Vegetarian Cooking · Sue Kreitzman · $15.oo · 202 pages · paperback · Here are popular, vegetarian dishes from world cuisines, offering easy-to-follow recipes that sacrifice the fat not the flavor!

Madhur Jaffrey's World-of-the-East Vegetarian Cookbook · $25.oo · 460 pages · paperback · Here are more than 400 recipes from Far Eastern and Middle Eastern countries that will open up new horizons for Americans' vegetarian cooking!

Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian · $40.oo · 758 pages · hardcover · Here is a huge collection of dishes from 5 continents that touch on virtually all the world's best-loved flavors and that offer an unsurpassed selection of vegetarian fare!

The Meatless Gourmet: Favorite Recipes from Around The World · Bobbie Hinman · $16.oo · 488 pages · paperback · Here are more than 350 international, gourmet recipes: each one includes a detailed, nutritional breakdown.

Meatless Mexican Home Cooking · Nancy Zaslavsky · $16.oo · 220 pages · paperback · Here are more than 100 traditional recipes that celebrate the regional flavors of enchanting, romantic Mexico!

Melody of India Cuisine · Laxmi Jain · $15.oo · 224 pages · paperback · Here is the zestful, Indian cuisine with a special innovation: soy products like tofu and soy milk add variety and extra nutrition.

Mexican Vegetarian Cooking · Edith Metcalfe · $11.oo · 128 pages · paperback · Here are more than 100 authentic dishes from Mexico, distinctively South of The Border and delicious!


The No Cholesterol Passover Recipes · Debra Wasserman · $9.oo · 96 pages · paperback · Here, are very special recipes: the book is a must for every chef who wants his or her loved ones to celebrate a healthy, vegetarian Passover.

Nonna's Italian Kitchen · Bryanna Grogan · $15.oo · 256 pages · paperback · Here a cook with an Italian heritage takes you on a tour of the tempting possibilities of Italian cuisine.

Nutritional Secrets of the Ancients · Gene Spiller · $19.oo · 402 pages · paperback · Here you will be introduced to the dietary wisdom of ancient people from nations around throughout the world and then be offered delicious, nationally unique recipes with which to enjoy the benefits of this wisdom.

Olive Oil Cookery · Maher Abbas, M.D. · $13.oo · 159 pages · paperback · Here are over 150 vegetarian recipes employing olive oil instead of animal fats: it's a step in the right direction from SAD to Natural Hygiene.

Oriental Vegetarian Cooking · Gail Duff · $13.oo · 208 pages · paperback · Here are brought together the flavors and culinary techniques of The Orient in this collection of tantalizing dishes from China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Pasta East to West · Nava Atlas · $15.oo · 192 pages · paperback · Here are dishes from Asia, where pasta was invented, to Italy, where pasta has risen to an art!

The Rasta Cookbook · Laura Osborne · $13.oo · 132 pages · paperback · Fruit & Veggie Lovers! Here is a unique collection of recipes using tropical fruits and vegetables. The book includes a discussion of the cultural and religious histories of this exotic, fruit and veggie cuisine.

Real Vegetarian Thai · Nancie McDermott · $12.oo · 256 pages · paperback · Here are 100 delicacies dishes made with the techniques, ingredients, and flavors of the classical Thai cuisine!

Sicilian Vegetarian Cooking · John Penza · $17.oo · 160 pages · paperback · Here are 99 traditional and contemporary recipes, delicious and easy-to-prepare, straight from Sicily.


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