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but not bitter I left. I did not want this to be a traumatic event for her. I assured her that God had great lessons for me to learn in this event, that I would be fine. I was numb, my blind faith had taken over. I do have to admit that it took me several days to get over the trauma that came with the letdown from the CLOUDS back to the ground.

That night, I had a dream. I was at The Barn. And the rich sister Cora, who openly ridicules me and my efforts, was upstairs in The Barn, telling me that I could only have Barn access certain hours of the day. Then Victor, in good health and strong, told her to leave. We went into the living room. And I sat at his feet with my head in his lap, like we were for 4 hours into the early A.M. the last time I ever saw him, while he awaited his ride to the airport to die with Cora. He was stroking me, putting my hair behind my ear like he always used to, as a way of comforting me when I was a very little girl. And I was weeping: "Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy." He preached: "Don't let anything keep you down. You can do this. You've got a long ways to go. You've got to keep going." I woke up sobbing. But I felt better. For the next few days, I just kept praying, pretty much nonstop, every time disappointment came back to bring me down.

Upon returning to The Barn, I called GetWell Friend Dr. John Bardaro. I first met John in 1984 at The California Health Sanctuary. He teaches college mathematics in California. John would place an occasional order over the years. But in the last 2 years, his orders were large; and donations were included. He was doing his own Health Revolution work among his circle of friends. His orders were always accompanied with such lofty praise for me and my efforts. Quite frankly, I had been embarrassed by such praise. How could anyone see me through such elevated eyes? But after my recovery time in Canada, I began to appreciate his praise for me and my efforts when I understood that it wasn't "me and my efforts" that were so lofty, it was what Godwas doing through me and all of you that was so very lofty! So, I realized last summer, from starting to talk with John every several weeks, that he was a "God-send spokesperson" for all of you GetWell Friends who truly approve of and admire the work we are striving to do! It was only natural, therefore, that I was led to call John and talk with him about my Mama Lilly trauma and disappointment.

There are times the trials and tribulations in life are so great that I endure by laughing and crying both. When I recounted "The Mama Lilly Story" to John, just 24 hours fresh in my memory banks, we were both laughing and crying and getting chills! Thank You, Dear John, for listening. In the middle of


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It was clear what was going on. The man suggested that I should "get a job." He seated himself in Mama Lilly's living room as if on a stake-out, obviously uncomfortable. God only knows what he was thinking. When I made myself at home and at peace, he finally left. Within minutes, a white car with a big, golden light fixture on top, and stripes on the side with the word "SHERIFF" printed on all 4, drove down this peaceful, mountain lane. Two young, healthy, good-looking and muscle-strong men got out, dressed in full costume complete with hardware: guns, sticks, black belts with big bullets, badges, just like the good guys in America's Most Wanted! Mama Lilly and I had been fondly visiting, comforting each other in the disappointments of the consequences of the "change of heart." And the sight of these 2 men, done up to the hilt, brought a hilarity to the whole incident! How fitting!

It is said Dr. Shelton had been jailed several times. I wonder if he was ever charged with "taking advantage of an old lady." I do know that Dr. Vetrano was in litigation for years when a millionaire left her his fortune instead of giving it to his family members. So, as they took their time to come to the door, Mama Lilly and I were giggling! I was quite sure I had done nothing I could be hauled away for. So I decided to give these officers and healthy, young men a lesson in Natural Hygiene! As is police custom, we were separated. I was taken to one end of the house and Mama Lilly to the other. Our stories would be heard. And then the officers would see if they matched up to determine just how suspicious a character was I! I took big colored pictures of The Victory Wagon with me. And Mama Lilly had The YearBook with her. When our interviews were up, my Sheriffman walked in to meet his back-up, Wagon pictures in hand, and asked: "Have you seen her bus?" The back-up answered: "Have you seen her book?" Mama Lilly and I were both laughing, glowing with that special light that only comes when you get to share Natural Hygiene with someone who is really interested.

As they were leaving, my officer formally acknowledged the work of GetWellHStayWell, America! and stated he sincerely hoped that I would be able to find a backer, as it looked like "a very worthy cause." Of course, I'm not surprised. Someone in his line of work gets to see up close the inevitable consequences of ill health in body and soul every day. I'm sure it can be a very discouraging job sometimes, when the morass of disease and darkness takes such tolls on human lives.

After visiting for a couple more hours and making sure that Mama Lilly knew that I understood what had gone on was not her fault and that I was disappointed


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