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my comic rendition of the pain I told John that I had only one Plan left to keep The Victory Wagon and to keep The Barn doors open and to get to market. Instead of one GetWell Friend contributing a very large amount, I would ask the 460 GetWell Friends to each help with a small, monthly amount for a 6 month period. And John bellowed out: "Oh, they will all help! I'll send you $1,000 RIGHT NOW!" This truly was just what I needed to hear. And Dear GetWell Friends, because of John Bardaro, acting as your "God-sent spokesperson," I have prepared today's "THIS IS IT!" package and plea as if you all care as much as John does. Or, at least, if you knew me as well as he and what's in my soul and fully as he. And as if you, too, would be willing to do what you can, like he. For that reason, I have bared my soul. "THIS IS IT!" I pray that you will hear me and help with CLOUD PAPER PLEDGES and orders, like... "THIS IS IT!" and so... "WE CAN DO THIS!"

Back in November, I sat straight up in bed in the middle of the night suddenly wide awake. I had been communicating on deep levels with many of you GetWell Friends since my recovery in April. So many of you had sent donations and placed orders and taken time to write letters of encouragement and to call. I sat there, in the stark reality of the moment, knowing I would not be able to make the monthly Victory Wagon payments, knowing I would be giving it back to the bank, knowing I would not get The YearBook marketed and that I would have to give it up... if I could not secure further funding during the next 6 months. And I realized that there were hundreds of you 460 GetWell Friends perhaps ALL of YOU who would want to know and want to do something organized and collective, to make sure that none of the above happened. I realized that, for sure, at least 100 of you I know personally would definitely want to know and want to help with a lump sum or a monthly PLEDGE and would be sickened or even upset if I did not let you know what was going on! For too long, I have been writing "between the lines," trying to let you know how much I needed orders and contributions to keep going. I just didn't want to sound "desperate." But I have gone far, farbeyond "desperate" am now and into... "THIS IS IT!"

Remember that beloved American favorite Christmas movie It's a Wonderful Life! The main character, played by young Jimmy Stewart, helps the townspeople all his life, making certain scarifies for them. And doing a tremendous amount of good for



virtually every member of the community. His well-meaning but befuddled partner loses $12,000. And the cops are going to lock Jimmy up for embezzlement. It looks pretty hopeless. And the bad guys are delighted about the many ways in which they will profit from bringing down this good guy who always stands between them and their exploitation of the people. Well, when the townspeople find out that Jimmy is in trouble, they all chip in whatever they can. Some contribute goodly amounts. Some amounts are small. But all amounts are from the heart. And they save the day! I know the movie is just fiction. But I also know that our collective efforts can bring The Health Seekers' YearBook to Americans and financial stability to GetWellHStayWell, America!

Yesterday, a postman in Kansas called. He had just delivered a package from The Barn and had been attracted to my shipping label. He called to find out what I was all about! He then ordered a YearBook! GetWell Friends, The Health Seekers are out there. They need our help. We are Beacons of Light, shining out in the darkness of The Medical Mentality at its worst, further darkened by the alternative health care systems that are off-track, if not totally fraudulent in their teachings about how to GetWell and StayWell. WE ARE IT! And "THIS IS IT!" I have taken this just about as far as I can. IT'S OFFICIAL. The doors at The Barn are only open because of donations from Health Seekers who want to support my efforts to get "The Message" out to those who have yet to hear and who are waiting, whether they know it or not. Until I am financially stable with a YearBook contract, I need A MIRACLE to keep going. And now THAT MIRACLE IS YOU ALL!

Mama Lilly gave me an amazing gift that January day! She lifted me up above the CLOUDS! She let me see, for 12 hours, the next 6 months unfold before my very eyes. She gave me an experience that let me know that there is nothing stopping The Health Revolution but funding. Funding which 460 GetWell Friends could provide if they were to make a PLEDGE of $1.oo to $11.oo (or more) a month for the next 6 months. It was a HEAVENLY 12 HOURS!

Well, Mama Lilly celebrated her 90th birthday on March 7th. And she invited me down to see her. I filled her up on a big box of the fruits and vegetables that are not so commonly and abundantly brought to her home by those who do the shopping. And she "slipped me" a $400 check. The check cashed. We still laugh about those 2 big Sheriffs, all done up in their costumes!



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