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morbid to spend an entire month delving into the lives and deaths of just 2 men. But so many of you all wanted to know why T.C. died, I wanted to do a good job for you. The deaths of these 2 Hygienic leaders, as well as their accomplishments, were definitely on my mind most of my waking hours! In other words, I was having a vicarious "Brush with Death," just carrying out my "Wilderness Work Assignment." I reread Shelton's biography front to back in one day and T.C.'s partial biography, Program for Dynamic Health. And for hours and hours, each day, I was deep into all the first-hand memories and all the second-hand stories, all the writings and rhetoric, all the trials and tribulations, all the bankruptcies and court cases, all the divorces and romantic liaisons, all the teachings and misteachings, all the weaknesses and strengths, and all the Energy Enhancers and Energy Robbers practiced by these 2 men. And I was praying for guidance to tell their stories, their intimacies, with such respect and such wisdom, that all of you could most profit from and be best blessed by these long-awaited 2 Issues!

There were dark secrets in the backgrounds of both men that do not uplift and that I would not be revealing. Still, I wanted to bring you Dr. Shelton, who had resuscitated the dying teachings of 19th Century Hygiene Pioneers. And I wanted to share with you Cherokee "T.hunder C.loud" Fry, who had popularized and sensationalized Shelton's Hygiene and who, mostly through the Bulk Mail, had brought us an Hygiene Heyday in the 1980s. The morning I spent 90 minutes listening to Anna-Inez Matus' tape twice through of the T.C. Fry she knew and of his last days living in Pennsylvania, I was in the pool. I spent that morning crying as I listened, thinking back over the 10 year period I had worked and lived, on and off, with T.C. and Marianne, to help bring The Truth of Natural Hygiene to The People. I still marvel at the millions of dollars that flowed through T.C.'s hands and at how he spent his end days!

A couple of hours before sunset and on a near- full-moon evening of October 11th, HighJoy and I had wandered through some woods, up and down some steep hills, through some brooks, and across some open meadows of The Kootenay Mountains in The Canadian Rockies. Hot-blooded and easily distracted, Arabian High was finally turning into a pretty decent trail horse. He had learned to pay attention to the trail, instead of being overwhelmed by all the distractions. The year before, his first year "on the trail," he could not focus on the treacheries of the trail, so engaged in sight-seeing was he.


This attitude had led to a somersault fall down a 3 foot ledge that resulted in blood spurting out 2 surface arteries in 2 legs, until it ran down his fetlocks in frightening, steady streams. My Indian Friend Alfred Jospeh stayed calm, and I prayed fervently while we held our hands tight over the gushing streams of blood. I prayed for clotting. And I assured The Lord that if He wanted High so that I could focus entirely on The Health Revolution, then so be it. Still, He had given me High as an inspiration to renew myself in body, mind, and spirit. So I couldn't see that He would want to take him away. Well, High's young blood clotted. After losing what looked like a lot of blood to me, he still carried me the 5 miles back to headquarters. That was a year previous. This October 11th sunset was the perfect trail ride on the perfect horse in the perfect place to finish #3 & #4, with the perfect support from the perfect you all!

I was feeling so blessed. Exercise for 2 hours in the early morning, get on the computer all day, ride at night, then get back on the computer or study. This routine was leaving me with NO KNEE PAIN, as I was either floating around, sunk deep into an overstuffed chair, or riding High! Wow! To top off all these blessings NO KNEE PAIN!

I was feeling so loved those first 11 days of October! The Pool Manager told me that in all his 17 years at Fairmont Hot Springs, he had never had more pool guests ask about 1 person: "Have you seen Victoria lately?" "Where's Victoria now?" Have you heard from Victoria?" "Do you know what Victoria is doing these days?" "Do you have Victoria's E-mail address?" Or, "You know, she was really a unique person." All the other life guards also made a point of telling me that so many had asked about me and that they had never had so many ask after a pool guest. I actually got the idea that their inquiries were so repetitive, they had become a little annoying. One life guard said they should have had me send in my whereabouts they had so many inquiries. I just had to ask if the inquiries were filled with genuine friendliness or morbid curiosity and was pleased to know it was the former.

This was especially nice to hear. For I had spent 4 weeks out of 6 for a year, deep into my all-day exercise routines, and I was not ever, absolutely sure these people to whom I subjected my Healthful Living Habits actually liked me or just tolerated me. Of course, there was never any doubt that many found me useful and interesting, as they would go out of their way to talk with me during my self-appointed breaks. They had stories of healthy habits to tell or






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