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questions to ask. But, I also do know that some found me bothersome these were the ones who would get into the hot tub, never go into the much cooler pool to exercise and who would just sit, with basically unhappy, even fearful-of-life looks on their faces. My friendliness and the vigorous, all-day exercise routines truly upset their sit-still status-quo. And my liveliness and moving-to-the-music-joy seemed to make these sit-stillers even grumpier. Perhaps, I had the effect of holding up a mirror to what was in their souls. And they did not like what they saw.

At any rate, I was back the pool. This time for only 2 hours or so a day. And this time, at work on the computer, with T.C. Fry and Dr. Shelton and you all on my mind during my warm water workouts. I decided to go into silence, so I could best listen to The Holy Spirit and receive guidance for my daily writing. And so, I made many of the "God's 'Little Blessings' Business Cards," plastic-laminated for the water setting. And I gave these to people at the pool who wanted to talk with me and explained that I was going to be in silence this time and why. I never dreamed The Little Blessings cards would have such a powerful effect on people. They would be so visibly touched by the simple, little, durable, waterproof gifts! I also gave out copies of "DESIDERATA" on heavy cardstock. (You have each received one of these. I have given you another in this "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" package on cardstock, also.) Long conversations would ensue, upon their receiving these gifts, gifts that cost hardly a nickel to make! Even those who were not Christians wanted to talk about the messages in The Little Blessings and on "DESIDERATA." I began to see how The Lord was going to use all of us, once I went out in The Victory Wagon. It will not be just Natural Hygiene that will be the topic of conversation. The ministry of The Little Blessings cards and the conversations that The People want to have about their messages will also serve to strengthen The People's hearts and to renew their minds. All in all my first 11 days were... "The Best of Times."

So, that night of October 11th, I pulled The Wilderness Wagon into a lone campsite so that I would be up at 7:00 and in the pool at 8:00 A.M. It was too warm for a wood-burning stove, just right for the portable propane bottle to warm up the insides before retiring. The propane bottle had sprung a leak. It was 10:00 P.M. The next 5 minute block of time would change me and the progress of GetWellHStayWell, America! forever.

It would bring me, not just a "Brush with


Death," but a 3-minute "Direct Encounter with Death," during which I would choose to stay or go, no stings attached. It would test my faith, my courage, my imagination, my strength, my flexibility, my determination, my calling, and my love. It would strengthen my resolve, my gratitude, my joy, and my hope. It would make me a better person in every way. But, in the process, it would take The Wilderness Wagon and everything in it away.

And since I chose to stay, it would make Issues #3 & #4 a few weeks late. And it would relieve me of any possible distractions inherent in The Wilderness Wagon and its contents. And it would make The Victory Wagon the only motorhome on which to focus. And it would free up money in personal possessions and rig insurance for The Great American Health Revolution. And it would set me free of my most prized possessions the saddle I purchased when I was 18, The Bible Marianne Fry had given me, my hearing aids, and pictures of Victor and Marie. And it would bring me face-to-face with the fires of Satan and The Baptism by Fire. And, burning away all the dross, the Fire would show me what was in my heart who and what was most important in my life. And it would bring me, first... more gratitude, and then... more joy to be alive than I had ever known! It would introduce me to a host of angels all pushing to get me through this fiery moment of truth.

And in its aftermath, it would give so many opportunities: #1 How to show Canadians that an American, alone in a foreign country, can face disaster with extreme joy! #2 How to let open air, with no bandages and no medication, completely heal 3rd degree burns on both hands without a scar in just 12 days! (I'm thinking The Algae was partially responsible for this healing effect.) #3 How to test my determination to get back on the computer the minute my hands could be moved without terrible pain. #4 How to focus on just one thing My Calling to Ignite The Great American Health Revolution rather than to grieve the loss of personal possessions! #5 How to use the insurance money, not for the pleasure of another Wilderness Wagon, but for The Great American Health Revolution! #5 How to understand that no thing, in the form of personal possessions, matters and that nothing else matters but to serve The People, as best I can, with the knowledge and talents God has given me.

When the portable propane bottle I was holding at the base with both hands became a 3 foot high, flaming torch, I knew I could not save The Wilderness

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