July, 2000, Letters from...

THE CLOUD PEOPLE to GetWell Friends

To The 300 People Who Have Not Yet Helped:

Many people don't have time to do serious thinking nowadays, because they are just so busy living.

Please take a few minutes time out. Read some of Victoria's information and please think about it. You will soon become convinced that helping with the projects of "The Great American Health Revolution" will be one of the most significant actions you have ever taken in your life.

Sincerely, James & Ella

in Washington

Dear GetWell Friends, I have to thank Victoria for being such an energetic advocate for The Health of America. I continue to struggle but never give up. I hope that you will not give up on Victoria, either, and can help with at least the $1.oo a month "Cloud Help" she is asking all of us for. Sue in Illinois.

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Dear People, Victoria has always been there when we needed her. And now she needs us. If we do not extend our hearts and pocketbooks now, as a united group, next time we need her, she won't be there! No more big packages, no Victoria there to answer our questions on the phone and no more "Barn" shelves filled with the materials we need for ourselves and our loved ones! I think we Health Seekers can do much better than let this hard worker down. Let us show we truly care about her. And let her continue to be there for us in our times of need. Rita in Florida.

Dear Friends, I have been following NaturalHygiene for 16 years, under Dr. Vetrano's guidance. My minister husband, now retired, says I am an "Evangelist for Natural Hygiene." I have moved 98 YearBooks (at my cost) since it came out. I am consulting people whenever I have the opportunity. I have accumulated so much material over the years, and I loan it out. I am 78 years old. I've had no medication for 22 years, and no supplements for 16 years. I thoroughly believe in what Victoria is doing and appreciate all her efforts. I am ordering 10 more of the 3-ring notebook YearBooks to help her carry on. June in Kentucky.

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Thanks to Victoria, my Sweetheart of almost 51 years in on almost "no salt." He was once the world's greatest salt dispenser! Janet in California.

Dear Friends in Health, All I can say is, "They picked the right name for Victoria!" We have got to help her keep moving The Health of America in the right direction! Charles in Florida.

Dear GetWell Friends, How can we say, Thank You for all the wonderful mailings from Victoria," except to help her with the expenses? I love receiving her encouragement. We alll need to bless her enthusiasm and stamina and pitch in with a good, old Barn-Raising! Betty in Idaho

Dear GetWell Friends: This letter is written to ask you to please join me and the other friends who have made a pledge to help Victoria BidWell. Her mission is very important to the people of our country, and I trust that you will join us in helping her. With Christian Love, Elizabeth.

Letters of Gratitude for Natural Hygiene from GetWell Friends