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Dear "GetWell Friends,"

If I could give Victoria a million dollars to continue her imaginative health education work, I would not hesitate. I worked for a few months with Victoria when she was in California and had not obedient enough to The Lord. She had her calling but not the strength and wherewithal. Years and years later, she has persevered and matured.

I have all the materials I shall ever need, most importantly, several editions of The Teacher's Edition of The Health Seekers' YearBook, which I utilize to counsel anyone who seeks my assistance with getting well and staying well. Essentially, I am well armed against the odds and carry on a solitary battle with enemies of optimal health, both personally and within private counseling.

Victoria is a genuine heroine who deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence with historically significant contributors. Should I ever stumble across a fortune, I shall share it with her. After her first appeal, I waited 4 months; but now I am sending her "100 Clouds" to help.

Many of you undoubtedly live comfortable lives with secure incomes, while Victoria is living on the edge, month to month. Yet she continues, with hopes of getting on The Web and helping others. I have her in my prayers daily. And I pray that those of you who are blessed with financial abundance will step forward and that those of you who are "getting by" will make a sacrifice at this time.

Joel in Kansas.

Dear Future Cloud People: Please help Victoria spread the word about Natural Hygiene to The People in this Great Land of ours! Victoria cannot undertake this massive effort without our help. TOGETHER, we can make improvements in bettering humanity. Victoria is only asking for your donation of $1.oo to $11.oo a month. That is not too much to ask, when you consider everything she does and continues to do for us all day long, every day at "The Barn." Victoria's time and effort that she puts into her work are worth much more than $1.oo to $11.oo a month. But it adds up! There are 460 of us. There are enough of us to keep her going til her backup plans of the Internet or store marketing materialize! So, please, donate as much as you can to GetWellStayWell, America! Can you think of a more positive effort to earmark your money for than this? God Bless All of You with Health, Happiness & Prosperity. Corrine in Nevada.

P.S. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that made me think of Victoria and her bold "Reform America's Health Plan." It stated: "The Well- behaved women rarely make history!"


Dear GetWell Friends, I have known Victoria since 1981. We have spent some time together over the years and stayed in contact every few months. She is very close to finally reaching big numbers of people with "Our Message." The amount of help from all of us to get "Our Message" out is so small $1.oo to $11.oo a month. But it will take all of us. Karen in Hawaii. To All You Others Who Haven't Yet Sent In Any "Free Will Help": Sound Health Demands that We Commit Ourselves to a Worthy Cause, Even to the Point of Making a Great Sacrifice. Elias in Ohio.

Dear GetWell Friends, Victoria is doing such a tremendous job in sending out so much valuable information! May God give her strength and courage to continue to dispense the spiritual input we need along with our requirements in the physical. The two are intertwined. One without the other promotes a vacuum in our lives. And may we all help provide funds to keep her going and keep the packages coming! Marian.

Friends, Please become "Cloud People!" We need Victoria. There is no replacement for her! People like me will suffer without her in their lives. And bills must be paid! I had been depressed. But I am doing sooooo much better! No depression for nearly a month! I have been drinking lots of water and exercising more. I have gotten completely off pain medication and benadryl No more headaches. I am tired, but I am no longer exhausted. And I am eating a 75% raw diet. And my husband and I are "in love" again, getting along better than we have in years! I am working 3 - 4 days a week I haven't been able to work for 12 years. My turn around started when I sent in my first "Cloud Pledge" and Victoria sent me back an "anti-depressant package" full of gospel music, an exercise book, a headband, and encouragement! How can we let someone like this fall by the wayside because of a few dollars a month? Please Help! Sandra in Colorado.


Letters of Gratitude for Natural Hygiene from GetWell Friends