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In the middle of "My Bout with & Victory over Fibromyalgia & Depression" right when it meant the most I received the following encouragement from A Dear GetWell Friend. He took time to write 3 pages of encouragement. I have to say, this letter, received in the middle of this dark time, helped me tremendously into mustering up! His voice called out to remind me of what I have been working relentlessly toward for 12 years. I want to share this letter and the others to follow with you to let you know that I need you, too, to voice your encouragement and send your enthusiasm! I need your support! I need your expressions of gratitude! I need your inspiration! I need to know that my efforts are continuing to make a difference! For 12 years, since 1986, I have been spending every bit of energy I have to bring The Health Revolution to America. I have given this cause my all. I have been led to create materials to help, to inspire, to cheerlead... you and your loved ones. Never once did I get discouraged, no matter what the adversity until this recent 6-Month Bout with The Adversary. He was determined to stop The Great American Health Revolution! During my recovery, I have claimed Our Victory! And now, I ask that in this 12th year, you help me into my full recovery from my recent Bout with Satan and pray and support me on so that we may claim our prize Our Victory A Nation of Americans turned into Health Seekers and then Health Revolutionists, eager to learn about and put into practice "The Message & Promise of Natural Hygiene!" So that we may create A Nation to Glorify God. A Nation growing and prospering in Body and Spirit! A Nation that then reaches out around The World, ministering to The Sick and Suffering and The Tribes Lost in ingorance. Thank You, Dear GetWell Family.

Dear Victoria "Miss Determination!"

It's time to send you a little Christmas Cheer. And money is always a cheerful, happy item.... We have all heard of "The Noble Peace Prize." Well, there should also be "The Determination & Dedication Prize." Victoria BidWell would win it every year. You are "Quite A Lady," Victoria! Giving up is not your bag. I admire you I respect you to the maximum degree! Have a Nice Christmas & The Best of Everything for 1998! With Warm Wishes, Mel.


Victoria, I'm still learning and am blue-green behind the ears. But I am ready, able, willing to help folks and share my good fortune with anyone. Pray for me. Pastor Kenny. "For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, which ye have shewn toward His Name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, whilst ye do minister to the people." Hebrews 6:10.

Dear Victoria, Many thanks for your call of late and the 3-way conversation with Dr. Cinque! It was very helpful talking with both of you. I have so much to learn. I do believe Super Blue Green Algae is helping this 76-year old body! Vivian.

Dear Victoria, Greetings from Greece! I am including in this letter a $50.oo check for Issues #3 and #4 of Common Health Sense. It is a wonderful magazine, and we enjoy very much reading it. You write with clarity and uncompromised Hygienic Principles. It is really... "Natural Hygiene at Its Best!" I admire you for your continuous efforts to spread The Great Hygienic Truths.

Keep Up The Great Work! Keep Well, Theodora

A Message Left on My Recorder from A Health Seeker Who Just Ordered The YearBook... "I am calling to tell you that I received your YearBook today in the mail. And I have read it non-stop for 6 hours! Out of the 600 books

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