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I own in my library, this is absolutely The Best One!" Thank You for this work of love. Henry, Age 61.

Dear Victoria, Enclosed is an order for some books and tapes and a donation for "The Cause." I am glad to get more of T.C. Fry's writings. He was our introduction to Hygiene, and you are Our Continued Motivation! You are doing a superb job of spreading The News! Thank you so much for the intro to The Algae, too. We've had lots of Peak Algae Experiences in our family. In God's Love, Mona.

Dear Victoria, I love my Affirmations Tape! It is so all-encompassing! I am amazed! I know I'm getting "Better and Better" every day! Thank You for doing this particular piece of work for us all! Love and Victory in The Lord! Shirley.

Dear Victoria, I made an interesting discovery the other day. Awhile back, I had ordered a bottle of your Veggie Volt. At the time, my eating habits were far from ideal. I tasted the seasoning as soon as it arrived. It was absolutely horrible! I almost threw it out; but a little voice told me, "Just put it on the shelf and let it sit there." For the last 7 weeks, I have been eating 100% raw foods only and following The 10 Energy Enhancers very closely. I had almost forgotten about that bottle up in my cupboard. I pulled it out and tasted it again. And guess what??? It tasted GREAT! What a SURPRISE!!! Now I use it on all my salads. I can only speculate that 7 weeks of all-raw cleaned up and straightened out my taste buds so that I could appreciate the fine flavors of these Ideal Foods! Sincerely, Marshie. P.S. Your YearBook is fantastic! I'm ordering 2 more copies so I can lend them to my friends who keep asking me why I'm only eating raw foods and why do I look so much better!

Dearest Victoria, I want to write and tell you what's happening on My Algae Adventure. #1. Big increase in energy! #2. Better able to sleep and rest and relax. #3. Better over-all skin appearance. #4. Moodiness and depression slowly getting better after 30 days on Blue Green Alpha Sun a total and remarkable improvement in personality! #5. Digestion better and aches and pains gone and a lot of other benefits with my over-all physical condition greatly improved! But most interesting is #6. My skin cancer that was being removed by laser treatment is gone! After applying Liquid Omega


Sun and rubbing it in several times a day every day for 2 weeks, the sores went away. And I have no more need for laser treatment or doctor's drugs. In conclusion, I will say that this elderly man has learned that your "Natural Hygiene Joy Way" is done the slow, hard, disciplined way. But I persevere and am still learning and improving. I'd say that's pretty good for an old man! Hope You Stay Busy, Vivifying America! Robert.

Dear Victoria, Thank You for returning my call. And Thank You for the financial sacrifice you make when you sell The Green Power for only $500.oo! My local health food store wants $650.oo + tax!!! You are making it possible for myself and others to live healthier, more joyful lives! GOD BLESS GETWELL. And may you dance your joy! Today, I am writing to order a second Green Power. I want a back-up machine for the day I wear my first one out! I use my Marvelous Green Machine EVERY DAY! It has helped me stay with The Program so much. Love, Penelope.

Dearest Daughter, Victoria, It just gives me goosebumps to picture you actually out there in The Victory Wagon, teaching Natural Hygiene in your joyful, enthusiastic way! No one could do this better than you! I don't know why I have never sent a donation to you for this effort. But once I actually pictured you out there in full color helping the sick and needy people, I was pulled to my checkbook immediately. Thank you, Daughter Dearie, for doing that which we all want to see happen but are too tied up to go out and do ourselves! Lucy, Your Surrogate Mom.

My Dear Victoria, Thank you so much for your generous offer of donations from your private library and discounts on my big order. I shall be sending you $1339.oo soon. And we will build a Natural Hygiene Lending Library here in Japan. You are playing a great role in making this happen! Stay Forever Healthy, John. P.S. I was really shocked at seeing so many overweight people at the airports and in Denver. Americans still have a long way to walk to change their eating habits. But Japan is still 5 light years away, too.


Letters of Gratitude for Natural Hygiene from GetWell Friends