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Victoria The years of preparation we've gone through with you to prepare for our terrific adventure were worth it! Always remember that you are never traveling alone. We 6,000 "GetWellers" are with you. And so is God. Always be open to His guidance. What you have to give will make an all-positive difference in all the lives you will touch. What a point in time in the history of America for us to be ready to "hit the road" with the fantastic Message of "Health for The Millions of People of America!" It is one hundred per cent better for The American People than President Clinton's Health Care System that will only treat effects as we get sicker and sicker, add to that... poorer and poorer. The news media should be ready to enjoy that all-positive difference, you, your message, your materials, and your super-plus traveling billboard! The timing is right for a terrific harvest. We have what it takes to put this across! I love a winner! We are all winners! What a terrific experience awaits America with our adventures! Please put this donation where it is best needed. Love. Bob Stacey.

Victoria I will never understand those people who spend $20,000 or more on a stupid car, instead of putting their money to some good!!! Here is a donation for Our Good Hygiene Cause. Ann Little.

Victoria God Bless You. We pray for you. We see you are still serving in your calling to help The Millions of Suffering Americans. Keep up the good work. We pray that your outreach in the next 5 months to "Operation MarketWell" will be greater than your expectations as the Lord goes with you. Lois and Don Conklin.

Victoria Know that there are many who long for what you have got, and I pray that you'll have the strength and the light to reach them... as hard as these times are, they're still full of love and hope do let "The Hygiene Joy Message" ring out, and let us share in the beauty and love we were born with! P.S. What matters is... not did you reach all your goals on time? But


the fact that you set such high, noble, and worthy goals! We are with you, Victoria. It's O.K. if you are not right on schedule. Let go. And let God. This order comes out of frugal savings; however, I believe you're doing great things spiritually; and this is a heartfelt decision to support your work. Robert.

Victoria TO THE CAUSE... Here is one answer to your cry for "HELP!" I believe in The Hygiene Way of Life and consider your efforts worthy of my support! Rush Sawyers.

Victoria Thank You! For your calling in life has helped me to see what my calling is, also. To live Hygiene and to show it to others. Dear one, when your energy runs low, may God bless you with peace. Bruce Noble.

Victoria I have given up hope on doctors and NOW have placed the responsibility for my health on myself. Danny Seward.

Victoria I'm impressed with the volume and quality of material you put out. I know the tide is turning, and I'm honored to be able to help support your efforts. Steve Sullivan.

Victoria Yes, I do want to help with this important work you are being called to do. I love Natural Hygiene, and I love what you have to say. I try hard to be a Purist, and I'm gaining all the time. Whenever I receive an order from you, I am ecstatic and motivated once again. Thank You! Thank You! Carole Whitney.

Victoria Please accept this contribution. Just don't ever become discouraged. Be patient and thankful for even minimal progress. You have touched the lives of more people than you realize. You are an inspiration! Eric Trygstad.

Victoria You are doing a fabulous job! Congratulations. And thank you for all your effort to help change America to a happy, healthy place. Alicia.

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