1994 Letters of Gratitude for Natural Hygiene

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Victoria I "ate up" your newsletter as if it were my favorite fruit good to the last bite. I have now given away all the publications in my last package, after "digesting" them myself, of course. Hope those people I gave them to become as die-hard converts to GetWell StayWell as I am! Enclosed is a donation. Use it for whatever promotes "The GetWell StayWell Cause" of the moment. I believe in it and you and your gallant troupe of workers. Judith Shuter.

Victoria I am working with Dr. Vetrano in becoming a Natural Hygiene Health Seeker. I weigh approximately 380 pounds. I know that after suffering all these years, I have finally found the truth. I just finished your book, and it was truly an eye opener. I'm having my difficulties getting off the SAD foods, but I just keep trying. I just keep reading The YearBook. And each day, I have progress. I just wanted to say...THANK YOU FOR SETTING ME FREE! Dawn.

Victoria Since I wrote you in December, my health has continued to improve; and I don't think I have ever been so healthy! I am so excited! I really praise the Lord for His healing power and for showing me how I can best take care of His temple through Hygienic practices! A verse that particularly has blessed me in relation to the Hygienic lifestyle has been: "Clean out the inside of the cup; and the outside will be clean, as well." Matthew 23:26. May you continue to grow in His grace as you live out His calling. Gracie.

Victoria Enclosed please find a check. I don't want anything in return except that you follow through on your "Go to Market" plan. It has often occurred to me, if only those with serious health problems could be exposed to what we know. I don't need any more books. But I do need to know that you are getting the word out! Arthur Nelson.

Victoria What a period in history to have a person like you come onto the scene! This Nation is sick physically,


mentally, and spiritually. You have what it takes to begin to turn this around, to make a difference. Keep that vision before you, and watch it become a reality! America is hurting and needs help and might to find its way back. Always remember, that you have and are receiving unseen help. The more you are prepared, the more you will receive. You have come a long ways, but it is nothing compared to where you are headed! I fully realize that you are giving all you got daily to reach your dream! Bob.

Victoria Crusaders come and go in this world of big business, only because they never continued to grow and encourage those who made them successful. That is not the case with GetWell StayWell, America! Your plans to help the American People are in need of our support. I support you in your plans to see that The Great American Spirit become well and StayWell. Timothy Masters.

Victoria It is wonderful, the energy you put into your mission in life. I support you and admire your dedication. Thank you a million times for helping Americans free themselves from sickness. Kathy Blake.

Victoria Enclosed find my donation. Hope there are 6,000 other Health Seekers unselfish enough, generous enough to want to help get this UnMedicine Show on the major roads of America. At 84, I am having to study real hard to keep going and feeling good. You may never know just how much you have helped me over some rough spots. Edwin Mathews.

Victoria I cannot help but admire your spunk, your effervescence, your determination, and your unlimited optimism in your undertaking to save the world! How it does need changing! If we can even make a dent in the entrenched system, we will have done a great service. Every day in my mail, I get from one to 6 requests for donations; and with very few exceptions, they go directly into the recycling box. But I saved yours out, for you are doing a worthy job. Joseph Cox.


Letters of Gratitude for Natural Hygiene from GetWell Friends