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This page and the next are the last 2 pages of Common Health Sense #3. This Issue #3 is a tribute to T.C.'s contribution to Health Seekers around the world; and it serves, also, to set the record straight on some of his misguided misteachings. These "Last Letters" are representative of tens of thousands of letters of gratitude sent to T.C. Fry over "The 26 Years of The T.C. Fry Heyday!"

Last Letters to T.C. Fry & "Our Fond FareWell"

From to Dear, Dear GetWell Friends

I had planned to limit this Issue #3 of Common Health Sense to 150 pages. And I am anxious to get on with completing Issue #4 and getting this off to you so I can start #5 & #6! And, like with The YearBook, I had to stop somewhere! Putting these 2 Issues together has so greatly enriched my love for you and for all humanity, my love for T.C. Fry and for Dr. Shelton, and my love for The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, as well as my appreciation for their gifts, both spiritual and material! This Enrichment is a Blessing I had not anticipated! I do pray for you and for your Circle of Friends, that you will, likewise, be blessed by these 2 Issues. I can keep going, with further funds, to bring you Issues #5 & #6 throughout 2001. Please renew at this time, so that we can keep the blessings flowing! In closing this Issue #3, then, let me share with you a "Last Letter" I got just last week. And then, I will fill these last 2 pages with short, selected letters to T.C. taken from his many publications I have been poring through the last month. StayWell, Dear Friends in Natural Hygiene. Thank You So Much for lifting GetWellHStayWell America! up above the dark clouds of financial worry this year of 2000 so that we can keep serving others. And Thank You for All Your Acts of Kindness You Do throughout Your Days!

Dear Victoria, I wondered what had happened to you for quite some time. And then I got your letter explaining all your problems and getting so much misery with "Fibromyalga symptoms." That is a dreaded ailment which, it seems, there is not much help for. Thank God my temporal arteritis is now completely reversed! These ailments come from stress, which is a Killer in itself. With T.C. Fry's help, I got off prednisone, lost about 60 pounds, and felt like myself once again. Of course, it took a long time for me to gain my strength back. I could not brush my hair or put a dress on that had an opening at the neckline. I could not climb up on a chair. No strength to get my body up. It took a long time after losing the weight to get back to almost normal. It has been 5 years since I first became ill. But at 75 and working 6 days a week as a Home Health Aide, I can truthfully say, "I feel great!" God has been good to me. Victoria, I do hope you are doing better and hanging in there. With T.C. Fry gone now, you are the only one that I get mail from to keep me up on "Healthy Living." Do sign me up for Common Health Sense #3 and #4. Sincerely, Nancy Ford, Ft. Pierce, Florida.

 Yes, Indeed! Life Science Really Works! Let me take this opportunity to commend you, Mr. Fry, on your work. Your writings/teachings have been a great influence over my life. My mother suffered for 20 years with chronic bronchitis. She is now 80 years old and was rapidly becoming so incapacitated she would have to stop and gasp for breath after walking a short distance. She loved milk, cheese, bread, etc. I took her off all dairy products. Then I taught her how to grow sprouts and put her on a 90% raw food regime. Within six months, she underwent an amazing transition! She formerly could be heard coughing and struggling to expectorate as I approached her house. No more! She never coughs or expectorates anymore. She works out in the garden with a hoe and even a shovel. She can walk many blocks right along with me. She used to buy Preparation H every time I took her to the store. She does not use that anymore. Neither does she stew prunes for constipation. She is not yet 100% well. Her hypertension is much less but not licked. I am confident it is only a matter of time before the rejuvenation returns her to normal. She continues to improve. I cannot praise your work enough. I believe you and all those converted to Natural Hygiene are the true apostles of the future. Harold Elder, D.C. Miami, Florida.

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