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This page is the last 2 pages of Common Health Sense #3. This Issue #3 is a tribute to T.C.'s contribution to Health Seekers around the world; and it serves, also, to set the record straight on some of his misguided misteachings. These "Last Letters" are representative of tens of thousands of letters of gratitude sent to T.C. Fry over "The 26 Years of The T.C. Fry Heyday!"

Last Letters to T.C. Fry & "Our Fond FareWell"

"Thank You! Good-Bye! And Our Fond FareWell, Dear T.C."

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 Americans sure are funny people. Just 1 month ago, I smoked. I drank coffee, wines, beer, and soft drinks by the gallon. I ate huge steaks with all the trimmings in short, I lived sumptuously on the Standard American Diet, just like everyone else.

But I also had problems. I had a by-pass operation in which they replaced a couple of nearly occluded arteries. I was in a physician's office every week. I had high blood pressure. I was rather hefty, being nearly 50 pounds overweight. I had headaches and backaches, often together. I had attacks of gout I could hardly hobble at times. I had enough drugs in my medicine cabinet to start my own drugstore.

Well, I got on your program. Now, I have lost 40 pounds. Your Program for Dynamic Health and Revelation of Health and The Health Formula really took effect! I just threw out my whole inventory of drugs including my wife's! I convinced her we could not be poisoned into health with drugs. I no longer have backaches or headaches. I really feel great! I am not so draggy as I used to be. I have a lot more go-power, and I am expecting more!

I did go to in for a check-up. The doctor was pleased my blood pressure had gone way down. He was pleased with my weight loss. He was pleased my heart was regular. When I tried to tell him what I had done, he just brushed it off with: "I don't care what you are doing. Whatever it is, keep it up." But there was grave concern when I told him I was off his drugs.

I tried to persuade a friend that he, too, could perhaps get over his many problems which were similar to mine. He came back with the observation that I had really gone off the deep end, and I should see my doctor he would bring me back to my senses. Besides, he was not about to give up all of life's pleasures nor go on a "rabbit-food diet." Harry Goldman, Chicago, IL.

I was diagnosed as having glaucoma. My vision was blurring. Eyedrops were prescribed for me. This did not help. When I became a student of the College of Life Science, under the guidance of Mr. T.C. Fry, I began the regular usage of fruit. Upon subsequent examination, I was found to have normal vision in both eyes. Maurice Tobin, Hampton, VA.

Your publication has changed my life, and I appreciate it very much. Your teachings have taken me out of the wheelchair. I was a very sick, battered man. I could not talk or walk. I fainted many times. From your very fine teaching, Mr. Fry, I have gained my health back. I am very happy to say I now dance 100 to 150 dances a week. I play tennis, golf, and other games. Harry Carlson, Phoenix, AZ.

Dear GetWell Friends, These are the kinds of Health Seekers who are now suffering across The Nation. We can help! The GetWell HStayWell Right Website for Natural Hygiene will be open in 2001 to help these people. Your Common Health Sense #5 & #6 renewals are needed now to help with this mighty work! Please renew!

Dear Victoria,I am now 80. Had it not been for my doctors, I would not be here today I would not be writing this letter to you. At 52, I was a dying man. I was in a hospital and getting worse. Three medical experts came to me and told me they could no longer help me and sent me home. Looking back, I am happy they gave up on me; for I am sure I would be dead now if they had not sent me home. I started searching for answers on my own. God helped me find Natural Hygiene. I started following it immediately. I improved so much no one could believe it! Please do not go away, Mr. Fry. I admire your great courage in teaching us The Truth that has been kept from us. Louis Neuburger, Goodson, MO.

Part of my study regime consists of rereading your many fine articles. I find that every time I read them, I learn something new! The other night, while reading, for probably the 10th time, your great "Cancer Cure Nonsense from a Laboratory" (February, 1985), I found myself wondering if people who really appreciate your efforts ever get around to saying, "Thank You!" So, I sincerely wish to say, "Thank you for all you are doing to help people!" Bill Griffith, Sr.

Just a note to say I have lost 41 pounds in about 6 weeks since I started eating fruits and vegetables only. I feel better than I have in years! I have had a problem of being overweight for 30 years and was always trying some kind of diet that never worked. I have been a slave to meats and rich foods all my life, but I never smoked or drank. So probably that is the reason I have been in fair health most of my life. I will be 61 in December, and I plan to give fruits and vegetables a 100% chance to make the rest of my life happier and disease-free. I only wish I had found out about you, Mr. Fry, and Natural Hygiene and Life Science sooner. Wilbur Nabors, Dallas, TX.

I am 72 years old. My hearing ability in the left ear was so far down, I could not use the phone with it voices were just barely audible. On December 17, 1982, I decided to go on a fast. On noon of December 24, I peeled and blended a large orange and drank it. In the evening, I drank 2 large, blended oranges. I ate only fruit for the full week; and by December 31, I had full hearing. During the fast, I woke several times a night and coughed up considerable phlegm. I could tell that I was getting rid of lots of junk. Now I can hear on the phone as well with my left ear as my right. I recommend fasting and Mr. Fry to anyone who wants their body to bring itself back to normal. Earl Girler, Lebanon, PA.

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