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These are "The Last Works of T.C. Fry" completed while he was in Pennsylvania.

Available to The Health Seeker in plastic-bound, "lays-flat," 8" x 11" booklets.

Contents of booklets and booklet prices detailed below.

Or all 834 pages in a 3-ring, slant-ring notebook for $100.oo.

#1...NEVER BE SICK AGAIN! · 12 pages · FREE with any order from this new collection of T.C. Fry's last works.

#2...OVERCOMING AILMENTS NATURALLY · 41 pages · $6.00 · Further topics include the following: Achieving Vibrant Well-Being · The Myth of Health in America · Why Americans Are So Unhealthy · How Americans Innocently Poison Themselves · How to Overcome Virtually All Ailments · Even "Incurable" Problems of Long-standing! · Short overview of how to overcome various diseases: diabetes, headaches, osteoporosis, pellagra, psoriasis, fibroid tumors, colds, candida, cancer, breast cancer, asthma, bursitis, gout, rheumatism, bone spurs, angina pectoris, alzheimer's, allergies, acne.

#3...THE TRUE HEALING ART & HOW TO KEEP YOUR BODY PURE · 41 pages · $6.00 · Dr. Russell Thacker Trall's famous dissertation delivered in 1863 to the attending notables at the Smithsonian Institute. He irrefutably outlined the remedial powers of the body to overcoming ailments, sicknesses, and "incurable" diseases and then challenged anyone of The Medical Mentality to debate him. In How to Keep Your Body Pure, Drs. Weger, Shelton, Carrington, and T.C. Fry explain how the body becomes contaminated and toxic, the mechanisms of body purification, how to evoke extraordinary cleansing measures, and ways of living that keep the body pure.

#4...FASTING THE FASTEST WAY TO SUPERB HEALTH · 48 pages · $6.00 · The fasting condition has had the term "panacea" applied inasmuch as virtually all problems are resolved thereby. Fasting enables the body to restore itself more surely and more quickly than virtually all other procedures. If the body cannot heal itself under the fast, as a rule, it cannot be healed at all. This work also


covers when fasting should be considered, how long the fast should last, what to do after the fast has been broken.

#5...NATURAL BIRTHING, NATURAL CHILD REARING, BRINGING OUT THE INNATE GENIUS IN YOURSELF & YOUR CHILD, HOW TO CREATE PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY SUPERIOR CHILDREN · 57 pages · $6.00 · Teaching natural pregnancy and childbirth · How to rear a normal child so that he or she becomes "a gifted child" · Breast-feeding is best feeding · Why babies should never be fed starches · How to start your baby on raw foods · How to increase your baby's brain power · Exercise for a super baby · Vitality markers for a healthy child · Super learning techniques super-imposed on accelerated learning and other methods · Incentive learning as a tool · Brain-deadening factors and influences to which so many so easily fall victim in America.

#6...YOU CAN OVERCOME ARTHRITIS! REVERSING ARTHRITIS, BACK PAINS, RHEUMATISM, BURSITIS, GOUT & BONE SPURS · 29 pages · $6.00 · How one of America's most painful and prevalent problems starts. The varied causes are considered. · This work explains why arthritis is "irreversible" by any conventional mode of treatment. · Most conventional modalities involve drugs, herbs, and a multitude of other approaches. All offer, at best, relief and leave you with your suffering after the relief. · Why should you settle for anything less than complete recovery? · Many drug treatments for arthritis and related problems result in drug addiction! · Ex-arthritics tell how they reversed their arthritic conditions. · 2/3 of adults over 25 are said to have arthritic and related problems or some symptoms of the arthritis.

#7...OVERCOMING COLITIS & ASSOCIATED PROBLEMS · 8 pages · FREE for the circling with an order of any other item from this collection · Showing how to reverse the frustrations and miseries of colitis, ulcerative colitis, Chron's disease, and all other problems of the colon and gastrointestinal tract. Circle this item on the order form to receive it.

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