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#8...BETTER SLEEP FOR A BETTER LIFE · 30 pages · $6.00 · Revealing how humans can sleep better · Naming many things you can do now to improve the quality of your sleep · Teaching proper bedding, clothing, and other conditions for best sleep · Detailing the little known and little understood purposes and principles of sleep · Learn what causes insomnia · Why we dream and the physiological role of dreams.

#9...ACHIEVING 20/20 VISION NATURAL VISION RESTORATION · 27 pages · $6.00 · Seeing better without glasses or contacts · Building better vision by building better health · Revealing a natural methodology of restoring natural eyesight · How a minute or 2 of simple daily exercises, in conjunction with a health and fitness program, can rather quickly restore vision · Offering the experiences of those who have overcome impaired vision.

#10...SUNSHINE & NATURAL LIGHT ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL TO YOUR HEALTH · 50 pages · $6.00 · How direct sunshine upon your body reduces your cancer risk rather than increases it · How to light up your life and well-being with full-spectrum lighting! · How sunshine as a part of a GetWell program will enable most people to readily overcome virtually every disease! · How depression and stress are diminished by exercise, raw food, and sunshine! · Sunlight as essential to physical and mental fitness.

#11...ACHIEVING INCREDIBLE FITNESS ON 5 MINUTES OF DAILY EXERCISE! · 26 pages · $6.00 · Make yourself into a dynamic and highly energized person through exercise. · Regain much of the functional vigor of youth. · Improve your appearance immensely by becoming vital and fit. · Develop superb fitness by selecting exercises that do more for you.

#12...THE REVELATION OF HEALTH SPECTACULAR RECOVERIES & CASE HISTORIES · 28 pages · $6.00 · Case histories of those overcoming the following maladies: acne, AIDS, alcoholism, allergy, arthritis, asthma, cancer, candida, depression, diabetes, interstitial cystitis, overweight and obesity, polyps, psoriasis, tumors, and more!



#13...PERSONAL POWER DRAMATICALLY INCREASE YOUR BRAINPOWER, THINKING ABILITIES & PERFORMANCE LEVELS · 28 pages · $6.00 · How to have the energy to do what you want to do · How to have "energy to burn" · Energy enhancement makes you more charming. · How to immensely increase your competence and performance levels · A new concept of personal energy, its creation and use · You can vastly increase your abilities to focus and think to solve problems and enjoy life! The principles and practices presented herein will, if applied, immensely enhance your mental powers and your well being. · Detailing a multitude of methods and steps to immensely increase your thinking and learning powers.

#14...GREAT SCAMS & HOAXES OF OUR TIME · 54 pages · $6.00 · The Great AIDS Hoax · The Fiendish Fraud: "Immunization" · The Monstrous Virus Hoax: A Scam That Has "Made the Grade" ·Our Beliefs: Devices by Which We Are Self-Enslaved · How You Are Being Secretly Poisoned.

#15...THE MONSTROUS MYTH CALLED "MEDICINE" & HOW TO CUT YOUR MEDICAL COSTS BY MORE THAN 90% · 44 pages · $6.00 · Proving that the medical system has ridden to glory on the self-healing powers of the body · Proving that so-called "medicine" is pure myth which originated more than a thousand years before the Dark Ages · Proving that you cannot be poisoned into health with drugs, euphemistically called "medicines" · Proving that drugs and medical practitioners destroy health and are behind most chronic and unresolvable diseases · Citing the 35% to 60% decrease in death rates when physicians go on strike as proof of their deadliness · And much more!

#16...KNOWING THE GREAT POWER WITHIN YOU! · 40 pages · $6.00 · Learn all of the following... That you have literally thousands of guardian angels and safeguards that keep you alive, happy, and well 24 hours per day for at least 100 years · That your inherent resources are many and varied and that you should learn how to rely upon them for utmost well-being · How to activate the great powers within you for permanent wellness and achieving life's greatest joys · That you must reorient yourself to embrace those programs and practices that produce the highest possible level of well-being · That you'll become more loved and loving when you have achieved the self-mastery that an understanding of the great powers within you make possible.


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