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I am not allowed to name a disease! And so, you will find, in our "Peak Algae Experiences," wording such as "She had pains in her joints," instead of... "She had arthritis." Or... "He suffered with chest pains," rather than... "He was diagnosed with angina." I am not even allowed to use the words "heal" or "recover." In 1996, I handed into The Cell Tech Ads' Approvals Department 1 of the largest packages of material in their history, excluding manuscripts of books, that is. And instead of just taking their editing suggestions and fixing them and getting a second approval virtually instantaneously, like virtually everyone else, I went back and forth with the submitted documents over a 5 month period nearly 10 times, was on the phone for hours at least 5 times trying to say what I wanted to say rather than accept their editings that watered down The Peak Algae Experiences so thoroughly, I may as well not even bother putting them into print! Having a major in The English Language and a minor in Linguistics and Semantics, I rose to the challenge! The Cell Tech Editor commented on my perseverance: "Apparently, you have found a loophole for everything!" I playfully replied: "Oh, but these are not 'loopholes'! That implies I am getting away with something! I just want to report The GetWell StayWell Experiences of my Happy Algae Eaters as they have reported them to me! These are GetWell Friends of many years. I have no reason to suspect that these Health Seekers are fabricating these Experiences!"

My second batch of submitted Peak Algae Experiences took only 2 months and 3 re-submissions for The Ads' Approvals Department. I had apparently gone from a D+ to a B- in "Getting It Right." And then, a few months ago, an unexpected event. Cell Tech dropped the requirement that all materials be approved before going out! Cell Tech did, however, notify us that if the material did not follow their new guidelines, we could be "terminated." This, quite frankly, has me uneasy! It will be another year before my financial investment in bringing The Algae to you will break even and now I have the possibility of "termination" looming? Today, I am, therefore, exceedingly careful in my relating these Peak Algae Experiences to you! Nevertheless, Dear GetWell Friends, the fact is that our Happy Algae Eaters have been all along and continue to submit their subtle and dramatic stories! Algae Eaters continue to GetWell and StayWell with Hygiene and Blue Green. Many of the 400 Algaefied GetWell Friends I have known for up to 12 years now find losing weight much easier while eating The Algae; they find food cravings greatly diminishing or disappearing altogether while eating The Algae; they find increased mental clarity and Emotional Balance allowing them to live their Hygiene more perfectly; and they find disease symptoms abating, reversing, or completely extinguishing while doing Blue Green and Hygiene! Still, The Algae is not a medication. It is a food! An exceedingly high-nutrient-dense food! A seemingly "miraculous food"!

FOR THE RECORD "IT IS THE BODY THAT HEALS, NOT THE ALGAE!" So I want it to go on record, here and now, that you, Dear GetWell Friends, understand that it is not The Algae itself that is creating all these healing responses which I have been reporting to you for 28 months. The Algae itself is not "doing" anything! It is the living body which does the acting! The evidence of this statement would be clearly seen if you were to go into a morgue and administer a goodly amount of The Algae into a cadaver! Would The Algae create a healing response? No! The Algae in and of itself "does not act " upon the body! The Algae "does" nothing! What The Algae does do and does do marvelously is provide one of The Conditions for Human Health: The Algae supplies Superlative Nutrition. And when a living human body is supplied with Superlative Nutrition, the physiological reality is that this Superlative Nutrition will fill in nutritional gaps that may result from the inferior foods now found in our American Food Supply, where such gaps do exist. And if and when these hypothetical, nutritional gaps are filled, the body will initiate healthy, happy, wholesome responses increased Nerve Energy, detoxification, reversal of the disease process, renewal of tissues, and repair!


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