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GetWell's Response to "The Food Cravings Issue"...

It may be "all very well and good," physiologically correct, and even "Cell Tech approved" to say that, "The Algae itself is NOT creating all these healing responses which I have been reporting to you for 28 months."It can, furthermore,be said that "It is the body, making use of The High-Nutrient Algae, that is precipitating all these GetWell responses!"

Concerning the alleviation of "SAD Food Cravings" and lost weight while an Eater is consuming The Algae... When I started making The Algae available to GetWell Friends in September of '95, I had countless Happy Eaters claim 3 things: "Food cravings have diminished or disappeared!" And, "Staying on The Hygienic Diet is much easier if not EASY!" And, "I've lost weight!" They were delighted, and I was frustrated delight for them and frustration for Health Seekers to whom I could not readily relay this information! My frustration compounded when I listened to tapes and read the literature wherein discussions of "food cravings" and "weight-loss" were common! Apparently, I had entered Cell Tech at the precise moment when a new ruling was instituted: these previous promos were allowed under a grandfather clause. A clause for which my Blue Green had arrived at The Barn too late!

It is crucial to understand why Cell Tech has been so cautious about not letting their Distributors go about blithely waving flags and making claims: "Food cravings disappear!" And, "You lose weight!"


These are the legalized claims of supplement pushers and medicine men. And their products are registered with The Food and Drug Administration and are scrutinized, tested, and regulated, accordingly. The Super Blue Green Algae, by contrast, is recognized by the same as a food and has no healing properties to which it can legally lay claim. But what if reported "food craving disappearances" and "weight-loss" Peak Algae Experiences were due to Superlative Nutrition in this food, rather than due to appetite suppressing from supplements and drugs which are, by Hygienic definition, "toxic"?

It is my hope in this statement today to explain the physiological truth and reason why food cravings may abate or cease and weight-loss may occur when The Algae Eater eats The Algae and that Cell Tech recognize this truth. Before this precipitation does occur, The Algae Eater must eat that proverbial "amount that will get the attention!" No proverbial amount, no attention. No attention, nothing to report. So, Dear Algae Eaters, find that amount that will get your attention! Now live your Hygienic lifestyle. Did it get better? Mine did. So have the Hygienic lives of countless others.

In The 60s, a popular book was Undernourished but Overfed. Its message was revolutionary in its day. Its message has become common knowledge in this day. The Message: Most Americans are eating an overabundance of high-calorie foods popularized in The Standard American Diet. Food that is addicting by nature, food that leaves the individual undernourished and starving for the nutrition on which his or her body was designed to thrive. The result these addicts eat too much, crave even more, and gain weight. It is only natural and physiologically correct to conclude that when a superlatively nutritious food is added to these Health Seekers' diet and they are encouraged into more Healthful Living Practices, they will no longer be overfed and undernourished. They will, instead, be well-fed and well-nourished! And with this healthy response, precipitated by the addition of The Algae to their diets, it is common at GetWellHStayWell, America! to hear these ecstatic reports: "I quit craving SAD food!" And, "I'm smaller!"



Today, it is 1998. We all know that agribusiness has completely taken over the food supply, except that which we grow at home or can get from organic farmers or at the seasonal fruit stand. (And even the latter is questionable.) In my next News Bulletin, I am preparing a topic which I am presently researching concerning the condition of the soils in America in which our foods are grown. For now, here is an example: the commercial spinach has 1/40 the amount of iron it had in a 1940s analysis. Apparently, agribusiness has learned to add the chemicals that will make the foods look good and taste good but not necessarily sustain good! Of course, it's not just the mineral-exhausted soil and the agribusiness contamination, is it? It's the cooking and the processing and the chemicals used in both. It's the type of cooking utensils used and the length of cooking time. It's the poor Food Combining and inadequate mastication. It's the restaurant food and the falling to temptation on SAD Foods. And it's our own less-than-perfect, Hygienic life, flawed with the active presence of some of The 10 Energy Robbers. And it's the coming to Hygiene later in life when the body has already suffered a significant wasting of some Nerve Energy, some significant toxic build-up, and perhaps even some significant irreversible damage. It's all of these factors and many more, Dear Friends, that has led me to introduce to you The Super Blue Green Products! In the near-final analysis, I consider The Blue Green to be quite simply A Big, Hygienic Help from Our GetWell Friends at Cell Tech

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