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MY Dear GetWell Friends

It is time to share with you just a few of my trials and tribulations and what I have learned as of September of '95 when my sponsor sent a box of Blue Green to The Barn for my sampling. Since discovering Shelton in '76, I had never brought in a food product to my personal life, to Natural Hygiene, or to Friends of GetWellHStayWell, America! I just promoted: fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, as "The Ideal." After 28 months following the progress of GetWell Friends turned Happy Algae Eaters in my News Bulletins, you may be interested and/or amused by my adventures!


When I discovered Natural Hygiene in the summer of '76 at Dr. Shelton's Health School, for 17 days, I studied everything at The School written by Dr. Shelton. In the 2 years that followed, I devoured and believed everything that was in print and available by Dr. Shelton at the time which was considerably more than is now available, sad to say. T.C. Fry's Life Science Health System did not exist then; henceforth, through my self-study, I became "An All-American, Self-Made Woman" in the traditional sense of the term, even did a year of anatomy and physiology. And when I began popularizing Hygiene and Shelton in the unique GetWell Publications and sought Dr. Vetrano's editing in some of them, I stuck to the teachings that The Raw Food Diet was The Ideal and that it supplied all we needed to be superlatively healthy when practiced in conjunction with The Basic Requisites of Life. Since the arrival of The Blue Green at The Barn, however, I have modified that stance. Throughout the Sheltonian literature I could find, most of which was written in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, some of the common threads dealing with diet were as follows:

#1: The Raw Food Diet found in The American Marketplace was sufficient nutrition for Superlative Health. (With this, I now disagree.)

#2: There was no such thing as "a miracle food." (With this, I still agree. But if there were such a thing as "a miracle food," The Algae would certainly be it!")

#3: We didn't need to take vitamin and mineral supplements when on The Raw Food Diet. (With this, I still agree.)

#4: And we did need to avoid anything that came in a bottle or jar in the form of a powder or pill or potion! (This is a general admonition with which I still agree. This #4 was a general rule of thumb:like we should avoid "white foods" such as white sugar, white flour, and salt; but cherimoyas and bananas are fine. This cautionary general rule of thumb, however, has outlived its usefulness when it comes to Super Blue Green Algae.)

NOW, BACK TO ITEM #3: Is Blue Green a Supplement, a Medicine, or a Food?

It is important for you to know that The Super Blue Green Alpha and Omega are recognized by The Food and Drug Administration as "a food" and not as "a supplement" or "a medicine" or "a drug." In fact, Cell Tech is so adamant about The Algae not being promoted as a drug or a medicine that the company puts all kinds of restrictions on us who wish to share Algae Success Stories! I am allowed to make no claims about loss of weight or reduction of food cravings or cures from diseases that are a direct result of eating The Algae. Such claims, you see, are legally and readily made for drugs and medications in the marketplace. But because The Algae is a food "a uniquely nutrient-dense food," notwithstanding I can make no such claims, even though hundreds of thousands of Distributors across The Continent for over 15 years have been reporting lost weight, decreased cravings, and health recovered from specific diseases with specific names while consuming specifically... Super Blue Green Algae.

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