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GetWell Friends! ! Peak ALGAE Experiences from GetWell Friends Who Ate Enough ALGAE. . . to Get Their Attention!

Presented & Edited by Victoria BidWell & Written by an Upliner

From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor #121593-121602

Peak Algae Experiences from GetWell Friends!

A GetWell Friend and serious athlete at age 51, Trish Lewis is really excited! She has been setting records in her swimming. She cross trains: swims, rides bikes, lifts weights, and so on. In her swimming, however, she has taken off flying trimming 50 seconds off her mile! She is ALGAEFIED and ELATED!

Stephanie Jacobsen, a GetWell Friend and now a Very Happy Algae Eater, was plagued by a brush with poison ivy that would not relent. She reported to us that she decided to experiment and go up to 16 Omega and 16 Alpha one day. Within 24 hours, the poison ivy had relented!

Ed Landauer had only been eating the Algae 3 weeks. He tells us he is now "feeling stronger." He also tells us that he is feeling the internal cleansing benefit that comes with The Healthful Living Program + ALGAE to which we have introduced him. He is impressed. He realizes how tired and toxic he has become, and his Peak Algae Experience has inspired him to take a fast for further revitalization.

Three very personal Peak Algae Experience from Victoria First, I am now pouring out and "eating ALGAE by the handful," not even counting out the amounts of Alpha and Omega, as "a handful a day" is the amount that has gotten my attention! A few days ago, I was pouring out my daily handful when a girlfriend dropped by The Barn. I flippantly poured a likewise handful into Mary Ellen's hand, gave her a glass of orange juice, and instructed: "Here! Swallow these!" Having been a former high school student of mine in the 70s and trusting me implicitly to this day, as I do her, she accepted the ALGAE and the juice and topped them off, while we visited. A few days later, Mary Ellen interrogated me: "What did you do to me? I had my own, self-initiated, gigantic colonic all night long after I swallowed those little green tablets with that sweet orange juice!?!" Actually, she was not complaining. Delighted, she explained that Roto-Rooter had visited her during the night and that today she feels clean and light, like a teenager! The second Peak Algae Experience: I recently visited Dr. Ralph Cinque, The GetWell UpLine Doctor-on-Call. Each evening, we performed the routine of a walk with his dog Rusty and dinner afterwards. Rusty is a Tail-waggin' Happy Algae Eater! He just loves the ALGAE! Ralph simply gets out the containers of ALGAE; and Rusty begins jumping off the ground by 2 feet, salivating, yipping, and tripping over us until he gets his 3 bites full! The third Peak Algae Experience rose to my awareness when I was reading a letter from a GetWell Friend and SOOOoooooo Happy Algae Eater: she shared that the little, dark floaters that were disturbing her vision the toxic waste that floats on the cornea of the eye were reducing in number and size. Sometimes, when we start to GetWell, we do not notice when a troubling condition remedies itself. After all, who WOULD MISS GENUINE misery once IT IS gone!??? Upon hearing of my friend's Happy Algae News, I was reminded of the many floaters I used to have interfering with my vision. In fact, I had them so bad, at times it was like trying to see through a swamp of murky muck before I could make out the crystal clear world beyond! I sometimes had to just stop my work in order to take my mind off their interference. Even a 3 month's stay at Dr. Scott's with a 36 day fast included had not inspired my body to break down these floaters and get rid of them. After 1 year of Happy Algae Eating, I am floater-free now, with The Algae!

Sam Baily visted me at The Barn in the summer of '96, at which time he enrolled in Cell Tech. Sam is aspiring to share The 10 Energy Enhancers and the benefits of the ALGAE with his massage clients and students. After only 3 weeks with the Algae and most grateful for those 3 weeks, he tells us that it helps him immensely with the stress of life! When The Fight or Flight Response hits, he suggests we try putting an Omega under the tongue and just let it rest for a few minutes, during which time it will dissolve. The theory he postulates is that the nutrient-dense food, sublingually resting there and pleasantly dissolving, gets into the system more easily and feeds the body, mind, and soul what it needs more speedily! Balance on the nutritional/physical level supports and inspires balance on the mental/emotional level. How does Habib spell "relief"? That's simple: "A-L-G-A-E!"


Dear Father Snincak, a Catholic priest now 85 years old, has been a GetWell Friend since the beginning in 1986. Talking with him is like talking with one of God's angels! This Health Seeker has been living with skin problems including itching, scars, black skin, peeling, and so on for 18 years. It all began with an attack from fire ants. (From my many bouts with these creatures in Texas over the years, I have renamed these them: "flesh-eating ants.") He sought help in many directions with no relief over these 18 years. After eating ALGAE for about 3 months, his 18 year unrelent from the ravages of the fire ants is vastly improved! Father is astounded and awed and amazed by the grace inherent in what he calls "God's Own Manna!"

Hi Victoria Just a note to thank you for all you're doing. I am SOOOooooo grateful for your decision to promote the Algae as part of The Healthful Living Program and The 10 Energy Enhancers. I had looked into it once before you started sponsoring others and had decided not to buy it. I was concerned that it wasn't following The GetWell StayWell Program. After being assured by reports from you, I took the plunge. And boy am I ever glad I did! It took some experimenting to find that I do better on Omega Sun than Alpha and to be bold enough "to keep eating an amount that gets my attention" and from which I receive the best results. It turned out "that amount" was much more than the 2 - 4 - 8 tablets a day! In fact, I finally got up to 28 Omega daily! This turned out to be an expensive habit, although I hope that once my body builds itself up, I can go down to that less expensive 2 - 4 - 8 once again and stabilize there. But it has been well worth it! I used to have a problem where I would awaken in the night around 4:00 A.M. and be awake for 2 - 3 hours, unable to go back to sleep but too sleepy to get up and be productive with those waking hours. After 2 days of eating 28 Omega Sun and doing moderate amounts of Acidophilus and Enzymes, I was sleeping all through the night! YAHOO! After suffering for 7 years, I am grateful to be ALGAEFIED! And the years' long discomfort that has been with me in my fingers is greatly diminished. And an abscess in one of my teeth no longer shows up in dental X-rays! YIPEE!!! My husband was getting a terrible pounding in his head almost every other day on an almost all-raw, vegetarian-based diet. Now, after ALGAEFYING our diet, he only gets them if he forgets the ALGAE or if he pushes himself without getting enough sleep. He was doing 11 Omega Sun daily. He decided to up it to 30; and after 3 days, he came up to me in disbelief! The floaters that had been obstructing his vision were noticeably fewer. We just wonder: "What ever else will happen as we continue eating this valuable food??!" We are so grateful. And we are spreading the word, too. God Bless You. We just can't thank you enough! Much Love & Gratitude, Jilene & Dave Burger.

A Happy Algae Eater further levels down in our GetWell DownLine loves the Algae for what it has done for her dog! Now into the second decade of canine life, her friend developed a growth that broke through and became visible on the outside of the body. Tragically, the mess was found to be weeping, seeping, oozing, and bleeding. The dog was so exhausted and pitiful, he could only drag himself from spot to spot and frequently just collapsed on route. The dog's friend was considering euthanasia over his continuing like this. Desperate for improvement and feeling there was nothing to lose in trying, she began feeding the sick dog Super Blue Green ALGAE. The growth began drying up. Last we heard, the mass was in the process of involuting dying and falling off. Not only that but the dog's energy had returned to such a pace that he began running around like a pup and keeping up with the younger dogs, jumping up on people and knocking them sideways in his excitement to share his Peak Algae Experience, and chasing after the cats again, just for the sheer joy of it! (All right it's true... I anthropomorphized a bit to get the image across.) To all animal lovers, a tail-wagging story like this is a delight. The dog's friend and animal lover is so grateful, she has decided to look into the business end of Cell Tech.

A GetWell Friend and horse lover put her steed on the Algae. Within a short time, her trainer had to inquire: "What on Earth have you done to this horse? He is full of energy! He is learning quicker. And he is more even-tempered!" Her answer: "Oh, nothing really. He's just ALGAEFIED, now."

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